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The research focus of our study programs is on the effects of digitalization on the professional areas of

  • Communication Management
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Journalism & Media Management

Our research addresses these transformations on all relevant levels, from individual usage practices (micro level) to professional and organizational transformations (meso level) to markets and audiences (macro level). Our efforts are guided by a number of central research questions:

  • How does digitalization change roles and competencies, objectives and strategies, as well as work processes and structures in the field of professional communication?
  • What new forms of shaping opinions and behavior are emerging between individuals, organizations and publics as a result of digitalization?

Research areas in the Study Programs

Our knowledge generation is based on an interdisciplinary understanding, takes a holistic perspective on organization, communication and management, and develops innovative solutions for future-oriented strategies. Focused on the process of digital transformation and its economic, social and political impact, we are committed to the values of sustainability and corporate responsibility and strive to be a center for excellent research and effective knowledge transfer.

Communication Management

We explore structural changes, dynamic challenges and practical solutions for effective strategic communication.

The goal of research in communication management and strategic communication is to produce current, robust and practice-relevant knowledge in the field of integrated organizational communication under the conditions of digitalization. Our particular focus rests on:

  • Integrated Communication & Employer Branding
  • Corporate Communication & Public Relations
  • Crisis Communication & Issues Management

Marketing & Sales Management

We explore how consumers inform themselves, communicate and arrive at decisions.

As a result of digitalization all these processes are changing permanently. Therefore, we deal with current questions of consumer behavior with regard to digital trends.

The research focuses primarily on the areas of:

  • Service Interactions (sales conversations, chatbots)
  • Marketing Communication (cognitive and emotional perception)
  • Information and Buying Behavior (e.g. on social media)

Journalism & Media Management

As a renowned institution for journalism training, we study the impact of the digital transformation on journalism in a comprehensive setting.

We explore changes in journalistic practices, the use of media and new media offers. Our research projects explore:

  • Competence requirements and role perceptions in journalism
  • Changes in media usage, media repertoires, trust in media and media literacy
  • Digitization of the media industry and possible revenue models

Practical approach

The researchers at the Department of Communication at FHWien der WKW build on many years of expertise in carrying out field projects on a wide range of marketing and communication issues. Together with our students, we develop research designs, collect and analyze data and present innovative solutions to our partners.

As a research institution, we develop grant applications with partners from both industry and academia and have been successful in acquiring research funds from regional, national and international funding agencies.

Our researchers work on issues that are relevant to science, society and business.

  • In the area of Service Interactions, we study interactions with digital tools (e.g. chatbots, self-service technologies, …), the dynamics of sales conversations (customer-seller interactions), as well as customer participation in services, among others.
  • In the area of Marketing Communication, the focus is on the cognitive and emotional perception of brand messages (especially those related to sustainability), information processing and its underlying heuristics (for example, framing effects in the communication of numerical information).
  • In the area of Information and Buying Behavior, we study the perception of digital advertising content and its image-building effects, as well as the impact of user-generated content and peer-to-peer communication on consumers’ buying decisions, among other things.
  • In the area of Professional Communication, we focus on the challenges of the digital transformation and how it relates to social change. In particular, we analyze the consequences of datafication, hybridization and the use of AI for the communication sector.
  • In the area of Communication Management, we examine the digital transformation of communication tools, its use and content, as well as the emergence of new target groups, innovative content strategies and the development of successful USPs.
  • In the area of Journalism Research, we deal with socially relevant topics such as media literacy, changes in media usage and the study of public value. We investigate the evolving demands on high-quality journalism, the changing role of journalists as well as the challenges posed by fake news and disinformation.


A large part of human behavior is controlled by unconscious processes. To better understand these, our mobile web lab can be applied in a wide range of areas and enables a combination of emotion measurement, skin resistance measurement and eye tracking.

For example, we researched…

  • the effect of advertising
  • the usability of websites
  • as well as service interactions such as chatbot interactions or sales conversations

Business field projects

Communication Management

Gaining a lead for ratiopharm in the generics market

Developing communication strategies for the pole position in the highly competitive generics market was ratiopharm’s assignment to the students of the Master’s program in Communication Management in the winter semester 2021/22.

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Compelling product launch campaigns for Procter & Gamble

Students of the English-language Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication at FHWien der WKW created emotionally charged launch campaigns for the new Oral-B iO electric toothbrush.

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"Communities not topics" at Trend, Woman & News of VGN Medien Holding

Strategy-based communication campaign to bring well-known magazine brands closer to their communities. The goal was a repositioning in the highly competitive media market.

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"From the target group, for the target group" together with Ottakringer

Development of creative lead concepts to make the beer range of the traditional Viennese brewery better known and more attractive to a young target group.

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Marketing & Sales Management

Increasing the attractiveness of stadium visits for the Austrian Soccer League

For the first time, the Austrian Soccer League (ÖFB) commissioned students from FHWien der WKW to develop campaigns to make stadium attendance more attractive for different target groups.

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Website optimization using Web Analytics Lab in a business field project with BUWOG

For the optimal marketing of three prestigious Viennese properties of BUWOG, the students of the Master’s program in Marketing & Sales Management took a close look at the website using Web Analytics Lab.

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Survey of sales managers in 12 countries for the international roof segment of Wienerberger AG

In the business field project with Wienerberger AG, students of the Master’s program in Marketing & Sales Management developed concepts for the communication and sales promotion of roofing accessories in the international roof segment.

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Market study and communication concept for Mitsubishi's Dendo Drive House

Students of the Master program in Marketing & Sales Management of FHWien der WKW developed innovative strategy concepts for the Mitsubishi DENDO DRIVE HOUSE.

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Journalism & Media Management

Media Usage in Times of Crisis

Students of the Bachelor’s program in Journalism & Media Management at FHWien der WKW conducted a qualitative study as part of a lecture which was presented at a renowned international conference.

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Public Value in conflict between politics and media

The cooperation between FHWien der WKW and the ORF Public Value Competence Center has existed for several years and regular “Public Value Lectures” are organized for the public audience.

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"Wissenschaftsradio" on Radio Radieschen

The “Wissenschaftsradio” broadcast explores the world of research – researchers from universities, scientific institutions and universities of applied sciences provide insights into their latest findings and explain backgrounds and contexts.

Five institutions of higher education are partners of the program “Wissenschaftsradio”: the TU Wien, the Medical University of Vienna, the University of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna as well as the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.

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Multi-media practice in journalism education

Students of the Bachelor’s program in Content Production & Digital Media Management designed a radio show, produced fact-check videos, developed innovative interview formats and designed a multimedia online magazine. The resulting work was presented in an online project presentation.

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Example videos

Research projects

Publications & Presentations

You can find the publications and presentations of our experts here:

Communication Management
Marketing & Sales Management
Journalism & Media Management

Research News

Communication Management Study Programs

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