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Research at FHWien der WKW combines the best of both worlds:

  • As a University of Applied Sciences, we produce reliable research results.
  • As a partner of the business community, we create practice-oriented know-how.

Research at FHWien der WKW is focused in two institutes as well as thematically distributed in the study programs and pursues the following three research priorities:

  • Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Digitalization and Digital Transformation
  • Strategic Management

In order to transfer knowledge to the business world, impulses and questions from society, companies and organizations are addressed and practice-oriented solutions and methodologically sound findings are developed in research projects.

Research for Businesses

Research & Development Projects (R&D)

FHWien der WKW cooperates with a large number of partners and clients in successful research and development projects (R&D). More than 70 business partners demonstrate that our focus on the specific needs of our clients is highly appreciated. In close cooperation with our researchers, the solutions that are developed are scientifically and commercially relevant. For suitable topics, we develop cooperative funding applications and submit them to appropriate funding agencies.

Our projects focus on increasing the competitiveness and innovative strength of the economy. Our R&D activities focus on the key research areas of Responsibility and Sustainability, Digitalization and Digital Transformation, as well as Strategic Management, in order to develop the know-how required for market success in cooperative R&D projects.

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Your benefit

We support our clients and partners in the practical implementation of the results in the company in a comprehensive manner.

  • Collection of basic data within the framework of feasibility studies
  • Development of new processes, cost- and business-models
  • Answering questions of customer acceptance, market research projects and product marketing
  • Problems of Digital Transformation and Sustainable Business Development
  • Transfer of R&D results to business

We contribute those complementary competences that deliver relevant results and make the findings practically usable – from Human Resources and Organizational Development to Operational Management, Knowledge Management and Financial Management.

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Our method

Together with clients and partners, we are able to develop individual and cooperative research projects.

  • We offer expertise and infrastructure for research projects within the scope of our main research priorities.
  • We identify specific, individual questions for companies within the framework of final theses (Bachelor’s theses, Master’s theses).
  • We organize practical projects with the collaboration of students in the context of lectures and seminars.
  • We advise on the optimal methodological and practical approach.
  • We choose the necessary methods to achieve comprehensible and usable results.

The individual interests of our clients and partners take centre stage. Because this is how we achieve the highest level of application-oriented knowledge together.

Web Analytics Lab

A large part of human behavior is controlled by unconscious processes. To understand these better, our mobile lab can be applied in a wide range of areas and enables a combination of emotion measurement, skin resistance measurement and eye tracking.

For example, we researched at FHWien der WKW:

  • the effect of advertising media
  • the usability of websites
  • as well as service interactions such as chatbot interactions or sales conversations

How capable is your company of change?

Take 15 minutes of your time. After completing the test, you will immediately see how developed your company’s competence is in

  • reflection,
  • information search,
  • information processing and idea generation,
  • strategy development,
  • planning and action.

The test is only available in German.

Research Areas

Research & Development – the key for a competitive economy

Research at FHWien der WKW focuses on the innovation and competitiveness of the economy by working on research topics that are relevant to companies.

This results in three main research areas for FHWien der WKW:

Responsibility and Sustainability

Research in the area of responsibility and sustainability at FHWien der WKW focuses on strategic sustainability & CSR management, sustainability-oriented innovations, responsible corporate governance as well as on Political CSR, i.e. the political responsibility of companies and issues of responsible advocacy.

Digitalization and Digital Transformation

FHWien der WKW takes an interdisciplinary approach to the opportunities and challenges that arise in connection with digital transformation. Specifically, it examines corporate strategic responses to these changes as well as changes in activities, qualifications and forms of work.

Strategic Management

The focus at FHWien der WKW is on questions of corporate strategies and (regional) competitiveness, corporate governance and SME & entrepreneurship. Findings from current projects are to contribute to scientific discourse and provide concrete perspectives for action in practice.

Institutes & Study Program Research

Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy (IBES)

The IBES generates application-oriented and internationally visible research achievements in the fields of business ethics and sustainable management.

IBES activities include research, teaching and practice transfer. The institute pursues three concrete goals:

  • Contribution to the international scientific discourse through excellent research projects
  • Training students and future managers to become responsible members of society
  • Science transfer through practical studies and the application-oriented preparation of research results for entrepreneurial use

Institute for Digital Transformation and Strategy (IDS)

Founded in 2021, the IDS focuses its research activities on the analysis and solving complex problems in the organization of digital transformation processes.

In doing so, practice-oriented research questions in the following thematic areas are at the centre of activities:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Organization Design
  • Strategy & Competitiveness
  • Corporate Governance

Research in the Study Programs

In the study programs of FHWien der WKW, practice-oriented research is carried out in the professional fields. We cooperate closely with business partners as well as national and international universities and funding agencies.

Research within the study programs focuses on supporting companies in overcoming new challenges and expanding their innovative capacity, even in economically difficult times.

Projects & Publications

Current Projects

An overview of the research projects at FHWien der WKW can also be found here:

Research projects

Publications, Presentations & Podcasts

You can find the publications and presentations of our experts as well as the podcasts with researchers and guest speakers here.

Publications Database
Reserach Listening Lounge (mainly in German)



Walter Mayrhofer

FH-Prof. Dr. Walter Mayrhofer

Head of Research

Head of Institute for Digital Transformation and Strategy

Maria Schallar

Mag.a Maria Schallar, BSc

Research Service Coordinator

Christoph Tautscher, MSc

Coordinator Marketing Communications