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Ownership of the University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication (FHWien der WKW) is shared equally between the Vienna Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Wien) and the Vienna Business Fund (Fonds der Wiener Kaufmannschaft).

Vienna Economic Chamber

The Vienna Economic Chamber is the interest group for Viennese entrepreneurs and is in close contact with businesses and the challenges they face. This allows the Vienna Economic Chamber to constantly update its knowledge about the training requirements of businesses and react to new requirements rapidly and flexibly.

Vienna Business Fund

Fonds der Wiener Kaufmannschaft

The Vienna Business Fund’s mission is to create a framework for an innovative and responsible future, for young people and commercial traders alike. Their primary objective is the realization and the development of educational opportunities and social commitments.

Owner representatives

DI Walter Ruck

Präsident Wirtschaftskammer Wien

KommR Helmut Schramm

Präsident Fonds der Wiener Kaufmannschaft

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board oversees the management of FHWien der WKW and advises the Executive Management in important matters.

The members of the Advisory Board for FHWien der WKW are:

Mag. Meinhard Eckl | Beiratsvorsitzender Direktor Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Kammerdirektion

Mag. Meinhard Eckl

Direktor Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Kammerdirektion
Martin Göbel Fond des Wiener Kaufmannschaft

Mag. Martin Göbel

Geschäftsführer Fonds der Wiener Kaufmannschaft
Mag.a Barbara Kluger-Schieder, WKW, Leiterin Bildungseinrichtungen

Mag.a Barbara Kluger-Schieder

Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Leiterin Bildungseinrichtungen
Mag. Erich Huber

Mag. Erich Huber

Abteilungsleiter Bildungspolitik und Berufsausbildung der WKW

DI Andreas Buttinger

Abteilungsleiter Finanz- und Rechnungswesen der WKW

Executive Management & Academic Board

Executive Management

Academic Board

The Academic Board of the University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication

In the winter semester of 2012, the University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication appointed an Academic Board, in accordance with section §10 FHStG (University of Applied Sciences Studies Act). The Board was appointed to implement and organize teaching and examination programs. The Academic Board of the University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication comprises the Chair of the Academic Board Beate Huber, the Deputy Chair FH-Prof. Dr. Dr. Sebastian Eschenbach, the six Heads of Degree Programs, six representatives of teaching and research staff and four student representatives. There are substitute members for teaching and research staff and student representatives as required.

The Academic Board convenes for meetings, dealing with specific topics in working groups. It currently holds three general assemblies per semester.

The following tasks are to be carried out by the Academic Board in accordance with the FHStG:

  • Appointing the Chair and the Deputy Chair
  • Making motions to the owner as necessary about the dismissal of the Chair or Deputy Chair, or commenting on the owner’s intentions of doing this, in the event that the Chair or Deputy Chair is grossly failing in, neglecting to carry out, or otherwise unable to fulfill their duties.
  • Implementing changes to the accredited degree programs in consultation with the owner
  • Making budget applications to the owner
  • Advising on the appointment and if necessary the dismissal of teaching and research staff to the owner
  • Co-ordination and evaluation of all teaching activities, including examination regulations and curricula
  • The awarding and revocation of degrees, the nostrification of foreign degrees as well as bestowing academic awards in agreement with the owner
  • Issuing of procedural rules and statutes in consultation with the owner
  • Decision making on appeals concerning rulings by the Head of a Degree Program

Special tasks allocated to the Chair of the Academic Board:

  • Issuing instructions to full-time teaching and research staff on the nature and extent of their teaching responsibilities, insofar as this is necessary for the smooth running of the courses, and compliant with the regulations for degree programs
  • Making appointments to teaching posts following suggestions or after consultation with the Academic Board
  • Being the external representatives of the Academic Board and taking responsibility for implementation of the Academic Board’s decisions

The Head of a Degree Program has responsibility for:

  • Admission to examinations, the assignment of examiners, the scheduling of examination dates
  • The recognition of studies and examinations on a case-by-case basis
  • Decisions about other study and examination related issues
  • Decisions about the applicability and fulfilment of specific admission requirements


Study Programs & Research

Departments and Study Programs


Practice-led research in the departments thus complements the research activities undertaken by the interdisciplinary Research Cluster.

Competence Center

The Study Programs are supported by the Competence Center.

Department of Management

Department of Communication

Learn more about the Competence Centers:

Competence Center for Business English

The Competence Center for Business English at FHWien der WKW combines Business English teaching expertise and organizational resources, fostering links with all FHWien departments and study programs. As Business English is a compulsory subject of most Bachelor programs at our university, our main activities include developing and coordinating the curricula and assuring quality in teaching, learning and assessment.

Working closely with professional and experienced external lecturers, our team strives to continuously develop and deliver high quality, innovative and student-centered Business English courses. Our goal is to ensure that our students are equipped with the English-language and communication skills required for successful participation in today’s global workplace as well as international study programs.

Furthermore, we maintain an international presence within the international Business English teaching community by attending and contributing to international conferences and publications.

Competence Center for Leadership & Social Skills
Competence Center for Marketing
Competence Center for Business Controlling & Accounting

Organizational Chart of FHWien der WKW