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Studying at FHWien der WKW

Mobility is an integral part of everyday university life these days and it plays an important role at FHWien der WKW. Every semester we welcome approximately 130 incoming students from partner universities all over the world.

Varied courses offered

Incoming students can mix and match courses from different degree programs, there is something for everyone. A large number of our courses are taught in English, which means that a good level of German is not necessary for a study-abroad semester at FHWien der WKW.

You will find all courses in the Course Guides, which are published in May (for winter semester) and November (for summer semester).

Practice-based lectures

More than half of our teaching staff have a business background and offer fascinating insights and in-depth knowledge.

International setting

FHWien der WKW does not just greet incoming students from all around the world; it also welcomes many international lecturers.

Small groups

A personal setting and close contact with students is guaranteed.

Studying in Vienna

In 2019 Vienna was again named the ‚most livable city in the world‘. A rich offer of sports and leisure time facilities, cultural heritage and exciting nightlife and events make Vienna a hotspot for students.

Moreover, Vienna’s great location in the heart of Europe makes it the perfect home base for excursions and trips to neighboring countries and cities such as Bratislava, Budapest or Prague.

Study abroad at FHWien der WKW

Incoming students arriving at FHWien der WKW can expect to see new things, meet new people and face exciting challenges living and studying abroad.

Virtual Orientation Week – a successful start to a semester abroad

Incoming students at FHWien der WKW begin their semester abroad with a mandatory virtual orientation week (in either August/September or February), which consists of the following:

  • Information about FHWien der WKW
  • Information about organizational matters – registering in Vienna, insurance etc.
  • Workshop “Austrian Culture & More” to help incoming students understand Austrian culture and possible cultural differences
  • Course Selection & Registration – in individual appointments with our Mobility Coordinators, course selection is finalized, registration is made, and the schedule is reviewed.
  • Optional Social events organized in conjunction with the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) team, to help incoming students get to know each other, for example speed friending, karaoke nights, dinners and city tours

Buddy network & ESN – invaluable help at the beginning of the semester

Buddies are available for all incoming students as required – this is a great help, especially at the beginning of the semester whilst getting to know Vienna. They can help answer any questions you might have, for example where to go and what to see in the city, or which mobile network provider offers the best deals.

The buddy network is organized by our ESN team. They also offer many different events, trips and excursions to help incoming students to get to know Austria and its surrounding countries better.

Varied courses offered – something for everyone

Incoming students can attend courses from different degree programs, this may however cause overlaps in your schedule.

Courses are offered in German or in English; courses offered in English are sent out to all incoming students a few months before the semester begins.

Semester abroad at FHWien der WKW

Applications Procedure

It is easy to apply for a study-abroad semester at FHWien der WKW. There are just a couple of things you should take into account:

  1. General requirements: You are a university student and you have a certificate of general qualification for university entrance (high school diploma).

  2. Partner universities: The applications procedure differs depending on whether there is a partnership agreement between the two institutions or not. Partnerships can be offered through the Erasmus+ program or between two universities directly. Are you unsure whether there is a partnership agreement? You can find out here.

    • Incoming students from partner universities: Students wanting to study at FHWien der WKW must be nominated by their home university. Please inform yourself how the internal applications procedure for a study-abroad semester is handled at your university. Those nominated will have the following information passed on to us: name/surname, gender, e-mail address, field of study and application period (winter/summer semester and which academic year). You will then receive a link to our online application form by e-mail.
    • Freemover: You can apply to do a study-abroad semester even if you do not study at one of our partner universities. Free movers have to pay a tuition fee of 500€ per semester. Please contact us for more information:
  3. Application deadline for incoming students from partner universities:

    • Winter semester: May 1
    • Summer semester: October 1
    Application deadline for freemover students:

    • Winter semester: April 15
    • Summer semester: September 15


Choosing the right sort of accommodation for your study-abroad semester helps you feel “at home”. Incoming students are responsible for organizing their own accommodation and can decide between student residences or private accommodation.

Student residence

Students wishing to stay in student residence should register as soon as possible. There are many different residences and housing offices in Vienna:

Private accommodation

Private accommodation is a good alternative to a student residence. Students must organize private accommodation themselves, which can be difficult for students who do not speak German. The following links may be useful:

ATTENTION: Please be aware that there have been instances where students have been asked to pay rent and/or a deposit in advance into a foreign bank account to get the key to a flat. These requests are often fraudulent, so please take care. FHWien der WKW only provides information on its website and does not serve as an intermediary between landlords and students and cannot assume liability.

Study in Austria

More information about studying in Austria can be found here.