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Program costs

Tuition and other fees

The fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs are made up of the tuition fee as well as the ÖH’s studying fee and the ÖH’s special fee.

EU and EEA citizens (including Swiss citizens) and third-country nationals for whom the following exceptional reasons apply:*
Third-country nationals for whom the following exceptional reasons do not apply:*
Tuition fee: Pursuant to section 2 paragraph 2 of the University of Applied Sciences Act (FHG), the owner is entitled to request a tuition fee from regular students each semester up to the amount determined by law.
€ 363.36 per semester
€ 1000,- per semester
ÖH’s studying fee and special fee: Pursuant to section 38 paragraph 2 and 6 of the Universities Act (HSG 2014) the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) can request a student fee and a special fee (for example as an insurance premium) from every regular member. Further information on the ÖH can be found at:
€ 24.70 per semester
€ 24.70 per semester
€ 388.06 per semester
€ 1024.70 per semester

*Exceptional reasons for third-country nationals: Persons who fall under the Regulation on Eligible Groups of Persons (read more about the topic in the information sheet and legal basis, legal basis in German only) or who have a residence title other than “Students” are subject to the same contribution regulations as EU and EEA and Swiss citizens. Please enclose the relevant documentary evidence with your application documents.

FHWien der WKW will automatically waive the tuition fee for Ukrainian students for the winter semester 2024/25.

Refundable deposit

The deposit depends on the applicant’s citizenship and is to be paid during the online application. The application process can only be continued and completed once we receive the deposit. The deposit will be credited towards the tuition and other fees and will be returned to applicants who either do not take up a place or who are not offered a place at FHWien der WKW. For this case you can find the application for reimbursement here.

All costs of payment (e.g. bank charges), especially in the case of cross-border transfers, shall be borne by the applicant; this also applies in the event of a possible refund of the deposit. A refund of the deposit will be made by bank transfer.

EU and EEA citizens (including Swiss citizens)
Third-country nationals
no deposit
€ 200,-

We would like to inform you that FHWien der WKW does not cover expenses for applicants – for example travel costs or accommodation costs.