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Reaching the communities in the business field project with VGN Medien Holding

June 21, 2022

Leaving the topics and reaching for the communities was the assignment of VGN Medien Holding to the students of the Master’s program in Communication Management. The goal was to reposition the company in the highly competitive media market.

In the summer semester of 2022, FHWien der WKW’s students from the Master’s program in Communication Management were faced with a very complex assignment in their second business field project. With the opportunity to get very creative, they designed strategically founded communication campaigns to reposition the brands trend., woman and News of VGN Medien Holding and thus bring them closer to their communities.

Networking and metaverse as a success factor

After an extensive briefing, the students started the market research process. By means of interviews and SWOT analysis, the teams worked out clear value propositions that should attract the attention of the community and stimulate commitment. Through visualization using appropriate key visuals, the student groups skillfully emphasized the messages to the communities. In doing so, they exploited all the possibilities of digital communication with great ingenuity and in a professional manner, even taking a forward-looking step towards the metaverse. By building new business areas, the students offered an extensive pool of ideas from which the clients can now draw for the optimal development of their communities. Rounded off by a high degree of know-how in strategy and implementation, which also included budgeting and success control, the master’s students delivered a solid performance to the high satisfaction of the representatives of VGN Medien Holding.

Final presentations inspire VGN Medien Holding

“The students managed to deliver a structured and creatively tangible overall concept from a multifaceted task. They succeeded very well. Great praise also for the high quality of the presentations!” comments Managing Director Michael Pirsch.

Brand Managerin Katharina Kaiser sums up: “There are some propositions that we can definitely consider. In particular, one or the other event will be able to find its way into reality. The idea of incorporating the Metaverse was particularly exciting, because this is certainly something completely new and not yet seen in this way for our target groups.”

Coach David Dobrowsky, lecturer as well as head of a study program at FHWien der WKW, was also satisfied with the results:

“At the beginning, the students faced the challenge of filtering out their approach from a very complex brief. This was an important process that reflected real business. In the end, very creative, coordinated and fine-tuned packages of measures emerged.”

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