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Official Signature

Secured publication of the figurative mark pursuant to § 19 (3) E-GovG

FHWien der WKW uses the following figurative mark for documents officially signed electronically:

Bildmarke der FHWien der WKW

Official signature

The documents officially produced electronically by FHWien der WKW have the official signature according to the following example:

Elektronische Amtssignatur Muster

Verification of officially signed electronic documents

The authenticity of officially signed electronic documents can be checked on the Internet at the address

Verification of documents according to § 20 E-GovG

Verification of a document officially signed electronically within the meaning of § 20 E-GovG is the confirmation that the document submitted actually originates from FHWien der WKW.

For verification, the document must be sent in its entirety (as a copy or scan) to FHWien der WKW:

  • by e-mail to
  • by mail to FHWien der WKW, Servicepoint, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna
  • in person by appointment (please make an appointment by e-mail or call + 43 (1) 476 77-5744).