Research in the Study Programs

Creating Advantages and Benefits for Business

FHWien der WKW departments engage in practice-led research with a strong focus on the specific career fields covered by their degree programs. For this practice-led research work, FHWien der WKW and its departments work in close collaboration with private-sector clients, national and international universities, and funding agencies. This is in line with FHWien der WKW’s clear objective of helping organizations to master new challenges and exploit their innovation potential, even in economically difficult times. The focus here is not just on large corporations, but also SMEs.

Maintaining and expanding our network of research partners serves four main goals:

  1. Creation of synergies through collaboration
  2. Formulating relevant research questions together with partners from the world of business
  3. Development of procedures for sharing findings and competencies
  4. Strategic positioning in promising areas of activity

Our partnership projects include a wide range of joint activities.

  • Acquiring external funds for R&D projects and conducting R&D projects
  • Publication activities
  • Hosting events
  • Fostering communication between experts

Research in the Study Programs Communication Management, Journalism & Media Management and Marketing & Sales Management

The research focus of the Study Programs Communication Management, Journalism & Media Management and Marketing & Sales Management is on how digitalization influences core fields of professional communication (i.e., communication management, journalism and media management, marketing and sales management) on the on the micro- (individual user practices), meso- (professional functions and modes of organizing) and macro-level (markets and publics).

Research in the Human Resources & Organization Study Programs

The study program’s applied research is focused on current difficulties and problems in the career field. Topics such as future-oriented human resources management, strategic human resources development and the effects of new work environments are investigated, together with representatives from the relevant career field.

Research in the Real Estate Management Study Programs

The Real Estate Management Study Programs carry out applied research in the following three topic areas:

  • Sustainability
  • Market data
  • Digitalization