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Tourism moves people and people move tourism. As experts, we are researching the tourism of the future – sustainably and with innovative approaches. Where better to do this than in Vienna, one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations and the world’s most liveable city?

Rethinking tourism. Driving change. We explore the potential of sustainable city tourism and develop concepts for the future of urban destinations. To harmonize the needs of visitors and locals in the urban environment – interdisciplinary, international and innovative.

Tourism is an interdisciplinary field of research in which approaches and theories from different disciplines must be taken into account. Consequently, the research work at FHWien der WKW’s Tourism & Hospitality Management Study Programs is also broadly diversified.

Research Areas

The primary research focuses are in the following areas:

  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Gastronomy & Culinary Research
  • Destination & Visitor Economy Management

Have a look at the focus areas, methods and outputs here:

Practical Approach

Culinary tourism refers to the focus on culinary delights as a tourist attraction and destination. Food and enjoyment offer tourist destinations the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the global competition and build a specific image.

In addition to observing travel trends such as slow travel and cultural tourism, we also examine current challenges in the industry such as the shortage of skilled workers and overtourism. The aim is to find responsible and authentic travel experiences so that the destination can continue to meet the demands of people, the environment and society in the future.

Tourism is particularly important for Vienna. With its Visitor Economy Strategy, the City of Vienna pursues the goal of shaping this economic sector in such a way that it considers the interests of the population, the local economy and guests.

An Endowed Chair for Sustainable Urban and Tourism Development will provide scientific support for this process in the future. The newly created position has been taken over by Cornelia Dlabaja in August 2023, and is designed to run for five years. The professorship is the first in Austria in the field of urban tourism. It is sponsored by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce (WKW).


In our wide-ranging research portfolio, we carry out long-term EU projects as well as sector-specific studies and commissioned projects.

All projects are based on the principle of application orientation and aim to solve industry-specific problems and thus contribute to the further development of tourism research. Students benefit from the research work in the subject areas, as the results are incorporated into the curriculum.

Publications & Presentations

You can find the publications and presentations of our experts here.

Publications Database

Research News



FH-Prof. Dr. Florian Aubke

Head of Tourism & Hospitality Management Study Programs

Mag.a (FH) Daniela Wagner

Mag.a (FH) Daniela Wagner

Academic Expert & Lecturer
Career Fields in Tourism

Xavier Matteucci

Dr. Xavier Matteucci, MSc

Academic Expert & Lecturer
Visitor Economy Management & Business Research

Mariya Katelieva Mariya Katelieva, MA

Academic Expert & Lecturer
Destination Management & Sustainability

Cornelia Dlabaja Cornelia Dlabaja, MA, Bakk.phil.

Endowed Chair
WKW Stiftungsprofessur nachhaltige Stadt- und Tourismusentwicklung