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Our Mission

Practice-oriented and research-based higher education with excellent career prospects for students – highly qualified specialists and managers for the domestic economy

As a university of applied sciences with close ties to business, we offer our students practical training and continuing education in management and communication. We equip our students with applied knowledge at the cutting edge of research and entrepreneurial practice.

Through a broad spectrum of part-time study programs, we enable students to combine their studies with career and family. In this way, we take into account the situation of working people.

When introducing new study programs, we always pay attention to companies needs. We further develop existing study programs so that they meet the changing requirements of companies. Thanks to our close proximity to the business world, we offer our students excellent career prospects at home and abroad.

At the same time, we contribute to strengthening Vienna as a business location, for whose success highly qualified employees and managers are central: Domestic companies find in our graduates the highly qualified specialists and managers they need to be successful on the globalized market.

In the field of science, we focus on practical research and development, the results of which directly benefit companies.

Our Vision

The leading university of applied sciences for management & communication

We are Austria’s leading provider of university of applied sciences study programs and continuing education programs for management and communication, increasingly also at the interface of digital technology and business. According to the principle of lifelong learning, we design academic education actively, flexibly and and in a future-oriented way.

In research, we are internationally visible in special topics and recognized for our excellence. To this end, we work closely with renowned partners in international projects.

Our Values


We are open to innovation and promote new ways of thinking and acting. The people who work here have wide-ranging skills and life experiences. We see this diversity as one of our particular strengths. We are family-friendly and enjoy working in multicultural teams. Trust, respect and appreciation in our dealings with one another are of paramount importance.


We want to help shape the future that constantly throws up new tasks and challenges for us. We appreciate the varied nature of our work at a modern university of applied sciences that maintains a close dialog with business. It is especially important to us that teaching is guided by research and real-world practice and is always at the cutting edge.


Working in education is more than just a job for us. We supply business and the sciences with valuable impulses and develop answers to pressing issues. And we always look to the future. With immense dedication we support our students as they acquire the knowledge and skills they need for their professional lives.


Who we are and what we do

FHWien der WKW

  • is Austria’s leading university of applied sciences for management & communication.
  • stands for practice-oriented higher education and a close proximity to business.
  • connects business and science.
  • focuses on practical, excellent and research-based cutting edge teaching and didactics.
  • provides Bachelor’s and Master’s study programs as well as continuing education programs, many of which are offered on a part-time basis and are tailor-made for working people.
  • cooperates successfully with Austria’s leading companies especially in research and development.
  • cooperates with national and international research institutions and transfers research results into teaching.
  • provides its students, lecturers and staff with experience in an international environment.
  • offers its graduates the best career prospects in business.
  • promotes competent and intrinsically motivated employees who contribute their diverse personal and professional experience.