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Master’s Programs

Our programs

We offer practice-oriented Master’s degree programs. All of them are part-time.

= part-time
Learn more about Digital Innovation*

Digital Innovation*

The Master’s program in Digital Innovation (*subject to accreditation by AQ Austria) qualifies students to assume leadership roles in the creation of new products, services and business processes using the latest digital technologies.

Learn more about Digital Technology & Innovation*

Digital Technology & Innovation*

The Master's program in Digital Technology & Innovation (subject to accreditation by AQ Austria) combines skills from the areas of "digital technology" and "innovation".

Learn more about Executive Management

Executive Management

The Master’s degree program in Executive Management offer graduates a two-year, part-time, generalist business degree for managers. Graduates of this program are equipped with all the necessary skills to manage companies that want to exploit their growth potential internationally.

Learn more about Financial Management & Controlling

Financial Management & Controlling

Through this Master's program, you will acquire professional and personal skills that will distinguish you as an executive in Financial Management & Controlling and, after successfully completing your studies, will provide you with exciting career prospects in leading positions.

Learn more about Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

The Master's program offers a sound academic and practice-oriented training and paves the way to the management levels of real estate companies. It requires a good basic knowledge of real estate.

Learn more about Journalism & New Media

Journalism & New Media

The Master’s program offers application-oriented and theory-based courses to enable graduates to work in quality journalism and develop their own media projects. The focus is on journalistic know-how for print, TV, radio and online as well as in the use of these skills for multimedia work.

Learn more about Communication Management

Communication Management

We train the communication professionals of the future in our part-time Master's program. Our graduates are in demand where a holistic, strategic view of communication problems and solutions is required rather than pure specialization.

Learn more about Marketing & Sales Management

Marketing & Sales Management

The Master's program in Marketing & Sales Management is a practice-oriented, part-time degree program. It offers an extensive specialization on strategic tasks for persons with leadership responsibility in marketing and sales.

Learn more about Organizational & Human Resources Development

Organizational & Human Resources Development

This Master's program trains managers, project managers and consultants in Organizational and Human Resource Development who can become active above all in those areas in which strategic, conceptual and integrative competences are required.

Learn more about Urban Tourism & Visitor Economy Management

Urban Tourism & Visitor Economy Management

Rethinking Tourism. Driving Change. Discover the potential for sustainable urban tourism and shape the future of international city destinations. We prepare you for interface functions, where the needs of visitors, locals and the visitor economy are balanced.