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Deadlines & Dates

Applications for the academic year 2024/25

Date & Information
Applications open on
January 9, 2024
Applications for applicants with final documents* from third countries close on
March 4, 2024
Applications close on
March 25, 2024
Computer-based test **
April 2 until April 18, 2024

The computer based admissions test will take place online in the period from 2.4.2024 to 18.4.2024. Therefore, you do not have to come to FHWien der WKW. You can choose your date after we have reviewed your application documents in the applicant dashboard. Here you can also choose between different times.

On April 29, 2024, you will receive information by email as to whether you will advance to the next round.
Degree program specific admissions procedure:
May 6 until May 24,2024

The computer-based admissions test is followed by a further stage in the admissions process.

Here you will find the information about what you can expect in the degree program specific admissions procedure:
Admissions Procedure for Bachelor's Programs
Admissions Procedure for Master's Programs

According to current planning, this part of the 2024 admissions procedure will either take place on campus or online. You will be able to choose between different times.
Mails sent offering /rejecting students a place ***
June 3, 2024
July 22 until August 9, 2024
Fulfillment of admissions requirements for Bachelor's and Master's programs
September 30, 2024
Beginning of the winter semester
September 2, 2024

* What are final documents? Your final graduation documents are the documents that prove your school or university degree. You must present these documents in order to be admitted to FHWien der WKW. Please pay attention to the place of issue of your final documents. After all, it depends on this, by when you have to send us your application for a study place at FHWien der WKW.

** Test duration: Please plan two and a half hours for the computer-based test for Bachelor’s programs and three hours for the computer-based test for Master’s programs.

After the given time frame for the respective test has expired, they will be cancelled. Tests that are not answered in full will of course also be assessed. The time control is carried out independently. Please note that the different test blocks require different time windows.

By choosing the test date you agree with this procedure.

*** You must pay in the tuition and other fees within the deadline specified to secure your university place. The payment is a binding registration. If this does not happen, the university place will be passed on to the next applicant automatically. The student fee for the first semester is valid as a deposit in case you do not take up the university place and is therefore non-refundable.