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Industry Panel for "The Future of Production in Austria"

The study of TU Vienna is a regular and methodical presentation of the status quo as well as the future expectations of the domestic industry.

In cooperation with Fraunhofer Austria and EIT Manufacturing, the Institute for Digital Transformation and Strategy (IDS) at FHWien der WKW deals with the topics of automation, digitalization, assistance systems and Industry 4.0 in the environment of assembly and production.

The industry panel “Made in Austria: The Future of Production in Austria” was initiated by Sebastian Schlund (TU Vienna) and Walter Mayrhofer (FHWien der WKW).

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Project Goal

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With the platform “Made in Austria – The Future of Production in Austria” the TU Vienna in cooperation with Fraunhofer Austria, EIT Manufacturing and FH Wien der WKW identifies the needs and challenges of Austrian companies.

In order to provide a scientific presentation of the current situation and current expectations for the future, a survey on relevant topics is conducted annually and presented subsequently in detail at the forum “Made in Austria: Production Work in Austria”.

Platform for exchange and cooperation

The platform is also increasingly developing into an exchange and cooperation hub for the now more than 100 actively participating companies.

At the “Made in Austria” event, expert lectures from business, science and society are held in addition to the presentation of the results. Furthermore, the forum enables the exchange between business and research, and opens up new insights and opportunities for the participants.

The results of the survey are published in the annual “Made in Austria” study and used in other scientific publications.

Radio interview with Walter Mayrhofer

My colleague is a machine. Interview with Head of IDS and study co-initiator Walter Mayrhofer on the occasion of “Made in Austria 2021” and the foundation of IDS at FHWien der WKW.

(The interview is only available in German.)

Become part of Made in Austria

Are you interested in participating in the study? We are constantly looking for companies from the manufacturing sector that want to participate in the survey.

Please contact us at

As a gift of gratitude, you will receive a free ticket to the forum “Made in Austria – Production Work in Austria” on October 14, 2022 at TUtheSky. During this event, the results of the study, will be presented, as well as the current developments from the fields of automation, digitalization and working environments.

Information & registration for the event here.
Costs: € 190,- excl. VAT (without participation in the survey)

Partner Organizations

  • TU Vienna – Institute of Management Science – Human Centered Cyber Physical Production and Assembly Systems at TU Vienna.
  • Institute for Digital Transformation and Strategy (IDS) at FHWien der WKW
  • Fraunhofer Austria
  • EIT Manufacturing CLC East
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