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Development of a "Living Studio" for hybrid teaching

The learning studio will create an infrastructure suitable for hybrid (physical and digital) collaboration, which shall be integrated into classes. For this purpose, novel teaching methods will be designed and tested together with students and teachers, who will have the opportunity to use the entire hybrid workspace and equipment for learning purposes, such as in the context of practical teamworks.

The construction and implementation of a collaboration-enhancing, hybrid learning and teaching environment contributes substantially to the quality assurance of teaching and makes it possible to learn and train the required skills of future employees in real-time.

Sponsor: City of Vienna MA23 – Economy, Labor and Statistics
Project period: 01.01.2023 to 31.12.2025
Project duration: 36 months


Project Description

The learning studio for hybrid teams will provide the resources to advance teaching methods of contemporary teaching at FHWien der WKW. A learning studio integrating the latest findings in workplace design that promotes innovation and collaboration with state-of-the-art digital technology enables an improved quality of hands-on learning in hybrid teams.

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The innovative space can be used for hybrid collaboration of any kind – for example:

  • teaching and collaborative learning
  • project, group, seminar work
  • experiments

Students are encouraged to use the hybrid opportunities for international exchange with colleagues. Thus, it will also be possible for former exchange students to maintain and expand their international networks.

Living Studios as a further development of Distance Learning

The Coronavirus pandemic demonstrated that physical distances and time zones can be bridged, but it also highlighted that virtualization leads to reduced communication between individuals. Faculty experiences with distance learning and student feedback demonstrated the practicality of virtual teaching, but confirmed the mentioned advantages and disadvantages.

The “Living Studio” will provide the resources to develop new contemporary methods, which will be tested and applied in order to build skills and knowledge in hybrid education.

Project Goals

The hybrid learning and teaching infrastructure will offer a greatly expanded functional spectrum education methods, compared to traditional means of knowledge delivery. Thus, the planned “Living Studio” will be the first multi-purpose facility at FHWien der WKW that actively promotes the hybridization of traditional, physical methods of face-to-face teaching with any form of distance learning. After an initial creation of a requirements profile and the construction of the hybrid learning studio, practical tests and integration into teaching at FHWien der WKW are on the project schedule.

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The goal of the “Learning Studio for Hybrid Teams” is:

  • a ready-to-use hybrid (simultaneously digital and physical) learning studio
  • for spatial and organizational flexibility of teamwork
  • by reasonable application of technical possibilities available on the market

Further development of practical and digital teaching

  • Preparation of students for current challenges in a hybrid-oriented working life
  • Offering further education opportunities to external teaching staff through hybrid hospitation
  • Sustainable commitment of teaching staff with hybrid didactic concepts for the elimination of physical and temporal barriers