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Innovation through Cooperation in Education - Creating New Opportunities for Students

The best way for students to acquire international competencies are study-relevant periods abroad. While part-time students are in the majority at FHWien of WKW, they participate only marginally in international mobility.

The project explores the causes and looks for ways to change this. In addition, the project is dedicated to an evaluation of the international university partnerships of FHWien der WKW.

Funding: City of Vienna (MA23 – Economy, Labor and Statistics)
Project period: 01.01.2023 until 31.12.2025
Project duration: 36 months

Gefördert von MA 23 Stadt Wien

Project Description

Part-time students have so far rarely taken advantage of the opportunity to spend time abroad relevant to their studies. This is probably due to the personal and/or professional life situation of the students or also because the classic semester abroad is not a suitable format for them.

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The project starts with an analysis of the mobility barriers and surveys the students’ demand for an adequate mobility offer for them.

Subsequently, a model for a short-term experience abroad using hybrid methods and digital technologies will be developed and tested as a prototype in two study programs: Digital Business, BA and Marketing and Sales Management, MA.

Cooperation as the key to success in international activities

The network of partner universities at FHWien der WKW has grown rapidly in recent years. In many cases, cooperation has remained sporadic, focused on student exchanges, for example. Through an evaluation of the cooperations

  • the quality of the university partnerships is ensured
  • the most important partner universities are identified
  • the partnerships will be developed efficiently


Project Goals

As a result of the project, an example of good practice is available that can be included as a mobility format in the curricula of part-time degree programs. After an evaluation and classification of the university partnerships, FHWien der WKW should have the best possible network of partner universities for sustainable cooperation.

Partner Organizations

In the framework of the project, cooperation with several universities will take place. For details, please contact the project leader.