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Supporting writing and reading skills sustainably through self-organized, explorative and collaborative learning

The goal of the project “Writing Lab @FHWien der WKW” is to build open educational resources (OER) to support academic writing. These will accompany students from the beginning of their studies in the acquisition of writing skills. In the context of the project

  • individual and institutional writing processes are reflected and made visible,
  • impulses are set to shape and strengthen writing culture and related activities within the university.

Sponsor: City of Vienna MA23 – Economy, Labor and Statistics
Project period: 01.01.2023 to 31.12.2025
Project duration: 36 months


Project Description

Considering the technical and methodological changes in the teaching environment since the Covid-19 pandemic, the project provides an adaptation of the didactic concept – in the direction of blended learning. The Writing Lab creates a communicative place of exchange along the concept of competence.

Individual consultation

  • Confidential “writing consultations” under 4-eyes
  • Individual questions and challenges
  • Virtual or in presence at FHWien der WKW

Synchronous learning formats

  • Workshops
  • Collaborative exchange formats
  • Writing workshops
  • Virtual and/or face-to-face at FHWien der WKW

Asynchronous learning formats

  • Glossary of text types
  • Podcasts
  • Learning videos with FAQs
  • Toolkit for first semester students

The content is made available to students and lecturers of FHWien der WKW in modules, and literacy skills are promoted in a sustainable manner – right from the start of studies. In addition, specific services and (virtual) exchange formats are created to guide and enable collaborative learning among students.

Project Goals

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  • Promoting reading and writing skills along the entire educational pathway of the students
  • Support with the inclusion of academic as well as professionally relevant text types
  • Redesign of the didactic concept and development of new target groups through innovative learning formats (blended learning)
  • Visible integration of writing culture at FHWien der WKW
  • Establishment of a Community of Practice

Online Writing Lab

As part of the project, an Online Writing Lab (OWL) will be established and continuously expanded until the end of the project in 2025. In the OWL, self-learning materials and resources for the writing process (learning videos, self-learning courses, handouts & worksheets, podcasts) can be accessed and used 24/7.

Project Team

© Anastasia Baillie-Spegalskaya

Project leader: Silke Schwaiger

Research Associate:
Mag.a Katrin Miglar

If you have any questions about the project, please contact the project leader.