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Current research projects

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Learning Studio for hybrid teams

Development of a “Living Studio” for hybrid teaching

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Writing Lab @FHWien der WKW

Supporting writing and reading skills sustainably through self-organized, explorative and collaborative learning

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Innovation through Cooperation in Education – Creating New Opportunities for Students

© IDS of FHWien der WKW – Pixabay

Organizational Ambidexterity in SMEs

Managing the digital transformation of SMEs by developing new types of skills while leveraging existing capabilities

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The City of Vienna Competence Team “Change for Corporate Sustainability” explores how Austrian companies can develop strategic change competencies for the transformation towards sustainability.

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Sustainable digitalization of pharmaceutical logistics through the further development of self-organizing reusable boxes

Made in Austria - Industry Panel

Cooperative study of the TU Vienna for the periodical and methodical presentation of the status quo along with the expectations of the Austrian industry

Completed research projects

Supply Chain Responsibility in Austria

Evaluation of Regulatory Projects on Corporate Due Diligence in the Context of Human Rights. Commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs.

Digitalization of the Communication Professions

The project team dedicated itself for three years to the requirements due to the digital transformation in university teaching as well as communication professions.

Research Forum 2021

“Shaping the future responsibly!” 14th Research Forum for Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences

SMEs in transition

Adapted to the specific challenges of SMEs, methods that promote the strategic change capability and innovative strength of companies have been developed.

Research at FHWien der WKW

Learn more about research at FHWien der WKW as well as at the Institute for Business Ethics & Sustainable Strategy (IBES) and the Institute for Digital Transformation and Strategy (IDS) here:

Research at FHWien der WKW