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Semesters (120 ECTS)
Master of Arts in Business
University places
Part-time per year

Study Program

Accompanying change – developing organizations

The Master’s degree program in Organizational & Human Resources Development offers students an academically sound degree program. The degree program prepares its graduates to become managers, project managers and consultants in organizational & human resources development. It meets the demands of these fields and teaches its students strategic approaches and integrative skills.


  • Organizational culture and development in the digitalized, global world of work
  • Strategic and International Human Resources Development, HRM
  • Elective: Coaching Application OR Law in Human Resources Management
  • Practical projects with well-known companies
  • Development of interdisciplinary technical and methodological competencies
  • Coaching certificate
  • Certification opportunity in cooperation with Austrian Standards: “Expert in Labor Law in Human Resource Management”


Type of degree program

Part-time (PT)

Teaching on four days per week during the semester:

  • Tuesday-Wednesday 18:30 – 21:45,
  • Friday 14:50 – 21:45,
  • Saturday 8:30 – 16:30

subject organizational laboratory in the 4th semester as well as postponements

Language of instruction

German (single modules in English)

Study-abroad semester

Possible at partner universities, also as summer school

Start of the degree program

Always at the beginning of the winter semester in September

Place of study

wko campus wien, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna
(U6 metro station Währinger Straße/Volksoper)

Focus & Qualifications

Accompanying change – developing organizations

The Master’s degree program in Organizational & Human Resources Development offers students an academically sound degree program. The degree program prepares its graduates to become managers, project managers and consultants in organizational & human resources development. It meets the demands of these fields and teaches its students strategic approaches and integrative skills.

Core content of the degree program

The degree program is built upon the core areas of:

  • Organizational development
  • Personnel development
  • Corporate action
  • Coaching
  • Specialization/Elective from the 3rd Semester: Coaching or Law in HRM

At the end of the two year part-time degree program is graduates are awarded the title of Master of Arts in Business, MA for short. Graduates have the opportunity to apply for a doctoral program. As part of the degree program, students have to write a Master’s thesis. 35 university places are available per year.

Practical relevance

90% of our lecturers are practitioners. Students are thus given first-hand sound knowledge and can make valuable contacts during their degree program.

Modern teaching methods

The Department of Human Resources & Organization teaches integrated classes instead of holding classic lectures. New content is discussed and reflected in classes, leading directly to new knowledge. Communication and social skills are perfected in the form of workshops. The Master’s thesis is developed from the second semester onwards and the degree program is completed in the fourth semester with a Master’s examination.


Know more – do more

The requirements of the labor market are growing and growing – making it increasingly important to be “fit for the job” after completing your degree program. Curricula are improved on an ongoing basis so as to fit in with developments in the working world and new international trends. This is to prepare our graduates for the beginning of – or the next step in – their careers. Our motto spans from “know more” to “do more” – meaning that we focus more on practical strengths learned. Teaching, learning and exams at FHWien der WKW are completed in modules. This means: Topic blocks make up modules, and at the end of the module there is an exam.

What is a module?

A module is a teaching unit consisting of multiple topic blocks, which are thematically linked and cover a specific area relevant to the degree program. In this module, clearly defined skills will be developed, with an examination of all sub elements at the end.

How does it help students?

Teaching is directed towards learning outcomes. Competency-based learning and fewer exams – which are integrated and more comprehensive – make up the curricula. Students’ personal development and their employability in business is our central goal.

Download brochure incl. curriculum (in German)

Coaching Certificate

As part of the Master’s program in Organizational & Personnel Development, we teach you about the basics of coaching. In addition, you can purchase a coaching certificate. The requirements are

  1. The successful completion (with a grade of very good or good) of the modules “Self and Team Experience” in the 1st semester, “Foundations of Coaching” in the 2nd semester, “Advanced Coaching: Applied Coaching”” (optional subject) in the 3rd semester and “Advanced Coaching: Team Coaching” (elective subject) in the 4th Semester
  2. Attendance of at least 85% for the Courses
  3. Participation in learning tandems and peer groups (including preparation of interview transcripts),
  4. Coaching discussions and making transcripts of them,
  5. Successful completion of written papers
  6. The completion of at least 10 individual coaching sessions (individual self-awareness) (costs from € 600, -)
  7. The successful completion of the study program

Please note: Transfer credits from other higher education institutions or the completion of a semester abroad are not possible!

Coaching – Contextual Framework

The basis of the training is systemic coaching. In addition, to promote an eclectic understanding of coaching, elements of various psychology directions, e.g. of Humanistic Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are included.

The goal is both the development and consolidation of coaching skills as well as one’s own personality development. The focus is on the experienced and reflected process.

In the training we work in professional contexts, that means that issues are addressed which arise in collaboration in organizations (versus private issues, such as family or private relationships).

Coaching Practice – Legal Framework

After completing the coaching training at FHWien der WKW, it is possible to work in-house as a Coach.

If you want to coach independently or commercially in Austria it is necessary to receive a business license for management consultation (possibly with limitations on coaching) or life and social consultation. Both trades have access restrictions consisting of proof of professional qualifications and a defined amount of experience. Information can be obtained from the WKO founder service. For the proof required to apply for the business license for management consultation, graduating with a Master’s in Personnel and Organization Development as well as the Coaching Certification are conditions. However, further proof may be required. This is not within the sphere of influence of FHWien der WKW.

For any international activity, international certification, such as the International Coach Federation ( ) or the European Mentoring & Coaching Council ( ) may be useful. This requires proof of coaching training in a certain amount of hours, which is provided with the coaching certificate of FHWien der WKW. There usually are other conditions, such as proof of coaching sessions held, as well as the passing of an exam. Further information can be found on the respective websites. We cannot assume any liability for any changes.

Jobs & Career

Graduates from a degree in Organizational & Human Resources Development will be able to take on specialist and management positions. For example:

  • Expert/leader in personnel development
  • Organizational developer
  • Change manager
  • Internal consultant in the fields mentioned above


Curious about our study program? Inform yourself about the requirements and the admissions procedure at FHWien der WKW.

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Specific admissions procedure MA Organizational & Human Resources Development

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