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Semesters (120 ECTS)
Master of Arts in Business
University places
Part-time per year

Study Program


  • Economic control of all company activities (Controlling)
  • Shaping a company’s financial and risk positions
  • Strategic management
  • Leadership and communication competence


Type of degree program

Part-time (PT)

Classes on two to four days per week (depending on the semester); starting at 18:30, sometimes blocked or at the weekend, occasionally in the afternoons

Language of instruction

German (single modules in English)

Study-abroad semester


Optional Double Degree Program with UIC (Universitat
Internacional de Catalunya) in Barcelona with focus on “Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Private Equity”

Start of the degree program

Always at the beginning of the winter semester in September

Place of study

wko campus wien, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna
(U6 metro station Währinger Straße/Volksoper)

Focus & Qualifications

Financial leadership describes the sum of the requirements that a leader in finance has to fulfill these days. Part of the challenge is bringing together differences: expert and personal know-how, internal and external accounting, leadership and controlling.

Excellent expert knowledge is a matter of course these days – going further means understanding complex and new content quickly and making the right decision in a critical situation. We have divided these requirements into four large teaching modules. These modules place the emphasis of the Master’s degree program in Financial Management & Controlling on:

Securing of proper corporate governance (regulatory systems)

The legal requirements for CFOs are varied and range from the creation of the annual financial statement to the responsibility of being part of executive management to corporate governance.

Shaping a company’s financial and risk positions (risk and financial management)

Good understanding of capital markets and correct risk management are success factors by which CFOs determine the development of their company.

Yield enhancement of all business activities (decision and control systems)

CFOs are integrated in every sector of a company due to budgeting and reporting. They therefore need to have an in-depth understanding of the value chain.

Managing staff (management techniques & personal development)

Because of profit responsibility, CFOs are not just responsible for there own team, but are in fact indirectly responsible for all employees in a company.

Logo IMAThe Department of Management at FHWien der WKW is pleased to be able to offers its students the course “Certified Management Accountant (CMA)” as part of its Master’s degree program. The head of the course is Prof. Dr. Christian Kreuzer, the CEO of Controller Institute (CI) in Vienna. More information about the CMA program can be found by clicking on the following link:


Know more – do more

The requirements of the labor market are growing and growing – making it increasingly important to be “fit for the job” after completing your degree program. Curricula are improved on an ongoing basis so as to fit in with developments in the working world and new international trends. This is to prepare our graduates for the beginning of – or the next step in – their careers. Our motto spans from “know more” to “do more” – meaning that we focus more on practical strengths learned. Teaching, learning and exams at FHWien der WKW are completed in modules. This means: Topic blocks make up modules, and at the end of the module there is an exam.

What is a module?

A module is a teaching unit consisting of multiple topic blocks, which are thematically linked and cover a specific area relevant to the degree program. In this module, clearly defined skills will be developed, with an examination of all sub elements at the end.

How does it help students?

Teaching is directed towards learning outcomes. Competency-based learning and fewer exams – which are integrated and more comprehensive – make up the curricula. Students’ personal development and their employability in business is our central goal.

Download brochure incl. curriculum (in German)

Jobs & Career

Having graduated from the Master’s degree program in Financial Management & Controlling you will have all the skills and knowledge at your fingertips to take up a job in one of the following areas:

  • In large and medium-sized companies e.g. financial director, CFO
  • In a company department i.e. head of accounting, head of business controlling
  • In a bank e.g. head of risk management, head of asset management
  • In an auditing or tax advising company, e.g. as business unit leader, partner
  • In a management consultancy, e.g. as business unit leader, partner


Curious about our study program? Inform yourself about the requirements and the admissions procedure at FHWien der WKW.

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