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Web Analytics Lab: Extension

January 28, 2021

From now on, researchers, teachers and students of FHWien der WKW have two fully equipped devices for Eye-Tracking, Galvanic Skin Response measurement and Face Recognition at their disposal.

Just in time for the start of the new semester, an additional device was acquired for the Web Analytics Lab at FHWien der WKW. Researchers, lecturers and students at FHWien der WKW now have two fully equipped devices at their disposal, which make it possible to carry out Eye-Tracking, Galvanic Skin Response measurement and Face Recognition, i.e. the identification of emotions based on facial expressions.

Fixed component of the Web Analytics Lab in lectures

For the past two years, the technology has been a fixed component of many lectures in the Communication Management and Marketing & Sales Management Study Programs and has been very well received by students, such as Biometric Sales Coaching conducted in the lecture “Conversation and Negotiation Techniques in Sales” of the Bachelor’s Program in Marketing & Sales. Here, biometric data of the salesperson is collected during a simulated sales conversation by means of Galvanic Skin Response and Face Recognition. In addition to comprehensive feedback from the lecturers, the students can also gain deeper insights into the course of the conversation as well as the associated personal emotions. In addition, students have the opportunity to use the Web Analytics Lab for empirical research for their master’s theses.

>> Find out more about the areas of application for the Web Analytics Lab here.

For questions about the Web Analytics Lab please contact: Mag.a Ilona Pezenka
Senior Researcher