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Study real business: Charity event for „Viva Con Agua“

September 21, 2023

In the Event Management lecture students successfully put a charity event for clean drinking water into practice.

In the Event Management lecture of the Bachelor’s programs in Corporate Communication and Marketing & Sales, our students planned a spectacular event that was put into practice on June 1, 2023, in line with the slogan “Study Real Business”. 200 participants were offered an unforgettable experience.

The highlight of the evening was performances by four talented rock and pop-rock bands from Vienna and Lower Austria: Ryde, Hatsnriver, Social Riots and Here for a Reason. These bands thrilled the audience with their energetic music and contributed to the lively atmosphere. The event took place at the picturesque “Vienna Down Under Australia Pub”. The guests were offered a wide range of food options. Students presented homemade cakes and snacks, as well as a BBQ supported by products from Radatz and Ströck.

Charity event raises funds for clean drinking water

However, the event did not only offer musical entertainment. It was also a charity event, raising donations totaling € 1,200 for the “Viva Con Agua” organization. The participants’ generous contributions help make clean drinking water accessible to people in need.

A notable facet of this event was the international diversity of participants. Over 40 students from all over Europe, including France, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany and of course Vienna, came together to have fun and deepen their event management skills.
The event was accompanied by the experts and lecturers Maryam Yeganehfar from “yamyam Event Production and Georg Kloibhofer from “KGP Events, who supported our students with experience, valuable advice and special assistance in planning and implementation as coaches. Our students visibly enjoyed the project:

“We are proud to have successfully organized and executed this event. It was not only an opportunity to apply our acquired knowledge, but also to make a valuable contribution to charity.”