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Focus on leadership in the Master’s program in Communication Management

March 10, 2022

In a digitally networked media world, communications experts are in demand who have an overview rather than just being specialists. Therefore, FHWien der WKW’s Master’s program in Communication Management places a significant focus on management and leadership skills.

The Master’s program in Communication Management at FHWien der WKW offers a comprehensive, holistic, strategic view of communication problems and solutions rather than pure specialist knowledge. The educational goal is clearly to prepare students for leadership and management tasks. Therefore, in addition to the technical skills, leadership skills are developed in a targeted manner. The Competence Center for Leadership & Social Skills at FHWien der WKW, under the direction of Gerald Kolar, focuses primarily on leadership training, especially conflict management and leadership communication.

Conflict management as an essential competence

Research shows that managers spend up to one third of their working time dealing with conflicts and their consequences. Conflict management is therefore an essential competence in the training of future managers. Already in the 1st semester of the Master’s program in Communication Management, the module “Leadership Skills” focuses on conflict management and mediation. In order to be able to train and reflect on this as well as possible, the lessons are held in small groups.

Clear and correct communication as a manager

Clear and targeted communication as well as strategic action at management level is taught in the 3rd semester in the sub-module “Leadership Communication”. Professional media training in small groups provides for a specific deepening in order to optimize and reflect the personal effect and appearance competence in different professional, challenging situations. In an additional step, the perspective on the international context is expanded through the content of cross-cultural management.

Together with the subject-specific content of the Master’s program in Communication Management at FHWien der WKW (an article on this will follow shortly), these are ideal prerequisites for effectively meeting the diverse challenges of the future: Well-prepared with a flexible soft skills toolbox graduates are able to better understand, motivate and inspire their employees and business partners.

The complete study plan with all modules can be found here (in German):

>> Study program folder