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Creative staging and performance skills in the Bachelor’s program Corporate Communication

February 12, 2024

In the very first semester of the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication, students acquire important skills in creative staging and personal appearance.

In the first semester of the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication, the “Social Skills” module trains and develops presentation techniques, interaction and body language with a focus on the professional online presentation.

In the final presentation at the end of January, the first semester students demonstrated the know-how they had acquired. The future communication generalists enriched their presentations with storytelling and the use of creative media changes and samples. The diverse topics ranged from innovative booking platforms, security devices and specific drinking products to sustainable, personalized chocolate and space missions.

The evening was led by a team of moderators chosen by the students. In the subsequent discussion with the members of the jury, all groups demonstrated argumentative agility. The acquisition of skills in presentation techniques and body language was thus impressively and successfully demonstrated by the students. These are the ideal prerequisites for the upcoming business field projects!

Comprehensive training in social skills is an essential part of the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication. The lectures are taught by our experts from the Competence Center for Leadership and Social Skills Gabriele Zeiner, Bettina Eibler and Gerald Kolar (head).