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Value development for companies – HRM students get a taste of the process

November 29, 2022

Why is it important to define values in a company? And how is it possible to agree on common values? A guest lecture in our Human Resource Management course provides answers.

Guest lecture with Astrid Lassner
Guest lecture with Astrid Lassner

Corporate values serve employees as guiding principles by which they act, orient themselves and make decisions. Our Master’s students in the Organizational and Human Resources Development study program were able to experience for themselves how difficult it is to agree on common values as a group.

In our Human Resource Management course, we welcomed HR expert Astrid Lassner, Head of HR at BUWOG, to give a guest lecture. Ms. Lassner invited our students to try out the process of corporate value development for themselves in the group.

In several rounds, values had to be defined, their significance and relevance justified and gradually reduced to the three core values that were most essential for all participants. Reaching an agreement proved to be extremely difficult. Finally, the group agreed on the values Passion, Community and Responsibility.

Many thanks to Astrid Lassner for the valuable insights and this informative exercise!