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Sugar free but lots of taste in the business field project with Almdudler

March 16, 2022

In a business field project with Almdudler, full-time students from the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication developed integrated marketing concepts for a sugar-free variant.

“Almdudler Sugarfree makes life more beautiful!” – this was the motto under which the students from the Bachelor’s  program in Corporate Communication (3rd semester) developed marketing concepts in a business field project with Almdudler. The aim was to make the sugar-free variety of the Alpine herbal lemonade better known in gastronomy.

Thus, at the beginning of the winter semester 2021/22 the students faced this challenge and jumped into cold water with great results. Five groups received the same briefing and worked out different concepts for increasing brand awareness within four months. Each team set its own focus and convinced with skillful target group analysis, strategy development and derivation of coordinated online and offline marketing measures as well as a good portion of creativity and inventiveness.

Valerie Semorad, Team Leader Brand Management at Almdudler, was very pleased with the results:

“We got to watch the project grow throughout the semester. It was amazing to see how the students developed. You could tell they all enjoyed putting what they had learned into practice – with Almdudler to boot. I really enjoyed the multi-faceted final presentations. Through the view from the outside, we were able to gain many new insights!”

Project coach Martina Zöbl is very satisfied with the result too:

“A business field project is always about learning by doing. The Bachelor students are therefore thrown in at the deep end in the 3rd semester. It was very exciting to see the different approaches to solving the same problem. I am very satisfied with the outcome!”

The students have summarized their impressions of the business field project in this video:

>> Watch the video


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