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Study abroad with short-term mobility programs for Master’s students

January 25, 2024

Master’s students at FHWien der WKW can gain experience abroad more easily through Student Mobility: Four students will travel to Brussels in May to take part in the “Campaigning in the EU” project week.

For the first time, students from the Master’s program in Communication Management will travel to Brussels in May 2024 to engage with the topic of campaigning in multidisciplinary workshops as part of our short-term mobile programs, shortly before the EU elections. There will also be a focus on collaboration and exchange with students from other participating partner universities. The students will be accompanied by International Course Manager Leyla Tavernaro-Haidarian and Simone Zwickl, who is responsible for teaching Strategic Communication Management in the Communication Management degree program. She is responsible for coordinating the content of the program.

The short-term program “Campaigning in the EU” is managed by IHECS International Exchanges Brussels and funded by BIP – Blended Intensive Programs (Erasmus+) for short-term mobility. International experts from leading European communication agencies and staff from the European Parliament will provide insights into the strategies and techniques used in political communication campaigns at EU level. The program focuses on hands-on training sessions that provide students with an in-depth understanding of the nuances of effective political messaging and communication.

In addition, Master’s students from our part-time study programs in Communication Management and Marketing & Sales Management can currently also choose from these courses:

Especially for Master’s students at FHWien der WKW, these short-term programs offer the opportunity to gain valuable experience abroad, even if a full semester abroad is not possible for professional reasons.