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Strengthening the identity in the business field project with aspern Seestadt

February 7, 2023

The students from the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication had the exciting task of developing a seasonal series of events for “Seestadt” (Urban Lakeside).

On behalf of Wien 3420 aspern Development AG, the full-time students from the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication (3rd semester) designed exciting event concepts in the winter semester 2022/23 to vitalize the Urban Lakeside (“Seestadt”) and strengthen its identity. In the kick-off, they were welcomed to “Seestadt” by client Cornelia Bredt, Marketing Manager of Wien 3420 aspern Development AG. In her briefing, she already set high standards for the student teams. The main task was to strengthen the identity of “Seestadt” by means of a three-year series of events, to attract new target groups for the retail and entertainment sector and to increase the number of visitors. These events should achieve a high earned media reach through their uniqueness: “I want a concept that is so unique that Armin Wolf would report on it in ZIB 2.”

Jury im Praxisprojekt der FHWien der WKW mit aspern Seestadt Images: © Luiza Puiu

Creative agencies convince with professionalism in final pitch

With this challenge and a big goal in mind, the student teams went to work as “creative agencies”. Over a period of four months, they developed high-impact event concepts. In the process, they not only put their previously acquired knowledge into practice, but also learned important skills for their future careers, such as teamwork, creative thinking, project management, storytelling and time management. During the three-month creative process, lecturers from various specialized disciplines accompanied the students with tips from the real business. With the support of project coaches Ute Greutter and Martina Zöbl, great concepts emerged, which were presented to a jury of seven in the course of a pitch. The students convinced client Cornelia Bredt with their professionalism and ingenuity:

“I am convinced that it is very important to be in constant exchange with students, because this is the generation that will leave a lasting mark on “Seestadt”. And it is precisely these considerations that are important for us so that we can plan a district with a promising future. I got to know six highly professional agencies, and with them six completely different approaches. The concepts absolutely convinced me. Above all, the commitment and professionalism. Some professionals could still learn something from this !”

Afterwards, the successful completion of the business field project was duly celebrated at a joint final dinner in Seestadt’s canteen!

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