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New publication: “How to shape the future responsibly?”

August 10, 2022

The current anthology of the Springer book series „Research & Practice at FHWien der WKW“ presents 17 contributions of the Research Forum for Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences 2021, which illuminates the topic “Shaping the Future Responsibly” from different perspectives.

Globalization, internationalization and digitalization of the economy and society are leading to many new challenges for individuals and organizations. Institutions in the higher education sector represent essential levers for mastering global challenges and strengthening sustainable development.

As important educational institutions, universities of applied sciences in the fields of technology and information technology, economics, social sciences and health sciences are called upon to jointly and responsibly take on the task of shaping the future. They have been doing so in a variety of ways for a number of years. This diversity is reflected in the 17 contributions to this anthology.

How does one shape the future responsibly? This question was the focus of the 14th Research Forum for Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences in April 2021.

“Shaping the Future Responsibly” presents contributions that address this question theoretically, empirically and practically in depth. In nearly 260 pages, the introductory question is discussed from the perspectives of technology and information technology as well as economics, social sciences and health sciences. The contributions provide insight into the diverse perspectives of different scientific disciplines. In doing so, the book provides stimulating ideas and presents not only studies but also best-practice examples from the fields of energy supply, health and entrepreneurship.

Shaping the future responsibly

Research Forum for Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences 2021
Springer book series “Research and Practice at FHWien der WKW”

Editors: Uta Rußmann, Florian Aubke, Daniela Ortiz, Ilona Pezenka, Ann-Christine Schulz, Christina Schweiger