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Maija Worek and Manfred J. Schieber at the ISPIM Innovation Conference 2023

June 15, 2023

Maija Worek and Manfred J. Schieber presented and discussed their current research projects with an international audience at the XXXIV ISPIM Innovation Conference in Ljubljana from June 4-7, 2023.

Dr. Maija Worek und Manfred J. Schieber bei der ISPIM 2023
Maija Worek and Manfred J. Schieber at the ISPIM 2023

Together with her co-author Päivi Aaltonen from LUT Business School in Finland, Maija Worek presented a study on the topic “AI Adoption Challenges in Manufacturing Family Firms: A Case Study”. The study discusses how AI is perceived and implemented in family firms. The empirical findings show that AI poses external, organizational and human resource challenges to family firms.

Manfred Schieber presented his research proposal on the topic “Frugal Innovation in Developed Countries’ Family Businesses”. The main aspects of this research project are how the concept of frugal innovations can be applied in developed economies and whether the theoretical assumption of family firms utilizing their resources differently from non-family firms applies in this concept.

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