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International expert Vijay Viswanathan gave an online keynote about Integrated Marketing Communications

June 10, 2020

In his online keynote, Vijay Viswanathan presented concepts and strategies for consumer experience and engagement and referred to COVID-19.

On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, the Communication Management Study Programs at FHWien der WKW organized an online keynote with Vijay Viswanathan, one of the leading international experts for Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). In addition to an overview of the development of IMC’s concepts and strategies, Viswanathan gave an outlook on future developments in the area of customer experience and engagement and also addressed the special situation during the COVID 19 pandemic.

In his keynote, Viswanathan gave a compact explanation of the evolution of marketing concepts and strategies. He sees new technologies, such as the Internet and digital media, on the one hand, and – much more importantly – the emancipation of the consumer and the resulting power of co-determination in creating products and services, on the other hand, as a major driver. He underlines this with his credo: “Future is where nature and nurture come together”.

With regard to the current situation, Vijay Viswanathan sees COVID-19 as a drastic experience, but he believes that the radically changed consumer behavior during the pandemic is a natural reaction to changed conditions. In terms of customer experience with a focus on customer centrism, companies therefore have the challenge to react to changing consumer wishes and to adapt their offer accordingly. Viswanathan points out that this is not only true in the times of COVID-19, but has to be understood as a perpetual process.

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>> The event has been recorded. Watch the video here.

The keynote was organized by the Competence Center for Marketing under the direction of David Dobrowsky for the Communication Management Study Programs at FHWien der WKW.