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Excursion into the world of international HR work

December 5, 2022

What is the difference between international and domestic HRM? Which benefits offer the centralized and which the decentralized approach? And what kind of challenges might keep HR Managers awake at night?

Guest lecture with Michael Walzek
Guest lecture with Michael Walzek

International HR work and national HR work have many things in common. And yet there are also some differences and specifics. Our Master’s students in the Organizational and Human Resources Development study program have examined and discussed in detail the tasks and responsibilities that each of these two groups has to deal with.

In our Human Resource Management course, we welcomed HR expert MMag. Michael Walzek, founder of Enabling-Circle, for a guest lecture. After a theoretical input, our students were allowed to put themselves in the role of international as well as national HR managers and to think about the challenges that keep them awake at night.

In another exercise, the position of Global HR Director was assumed for the first time. The task here was to decide which tasks were better left to local and which to central responsibility. An exciting exercise that led to lively discussions.

Many thanks to MMag. Michael Walzek for the many field reports and the interesting exercises!