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Exchange of experience and collaboration in the course International Human Resource Management with students from all over the world

January 9, 2023

The International Human Resource Management course, which was attended by around 25 students from all over the world, became a particularly perspective-rich course in the winter semester of 2022/2023. The focus was on the exchange of experience and knowledge as well as collaborative working and learning.

Impressions from the group work
Impressions from the group work
Guest lectures
Guest lectures

The third semester in the Bachelor’s program in Human Resources Management is a semester abroad for our full-time students, during which they attend courses at partner universities abroad and students from other countries take courses at our university of applied sciences. In the course International Human Resource Management, this winter semester offered a mix of experiences and knowledge for about 25 students from different countries, including Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria and Canada.

A particular highlight was the course on current global HR trends. The students had to manage a trade fair stand in small groups and present a trend to their colleagues at a fictitious “Future HR Trade Fair”.

Another focus was on the topic of international communication, which was dealt with by means of a case study.

Further perspectives were provided by internationally experienced HR experts in the form of guest lectures. Mag.(FH) Johanna Wagner, BA took our participants into the world of international recruiting, MMag. Michael Walzek invited to discussions on differences between global and local HR management and Mag. Marion Szeiler, MA shared her experiences in the field of performance management and global expansion.

The course was planned according to the model of Constructive Alignment by John Biggs, according to which the learning objectives are aligned with the methods and forms of examination. Mag. Brigitte Hampel led through the course. Work was done both on-site and virtually.