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Institute for Business Ethics & Sustainable Strategy


The Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy (IBES) at FHWien der WKW is a leading national and internationally renowned research center in the fields of Business Ethics and Strategy. Urgent issues in ecologically, economically and socially sustainable corporate management are examined against the background of relevant topics such as globalisation, climate change and digitalisation.

A special focus is placed on the areas of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Strategy & Competitiveness and Sustainability Management. With its work, the Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy contributes to a responsible and sustainable transformation of corporate practice.

IBES activities include researchteaching and knowledge transfer. The Institute pursues three concrete goals:

  1. contribute to international scientific discourse through excellent research projects and publications,
  2. training of students and future managers to become responsible members of society, and
  3. knowledge transfer through practical studies and the application-oriented processing of research results.
Institute for Business Ethics & Sustainable Strategy
IBES Practical Studies


Excellent research and publications of the highest academic standard

The Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy conducts academically rigorous research projects.

The results of the projects are regularly published in internationally renowned journals (e.g. Business Ethics Quarterly, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Ethics) and presented at relevant conferences.

The projects are carried out in cooperation with co-authors from leading international research institutions (e.g. INSEAD, Wharton Business School, University of California, Irvine).

Research-based and application-oriented teaching

The scholars of the Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy are responsible for teaching in the fields of “Business Ethics,” “Strategy & Competitiveness” and “Sustainability Management” at FHWien der WKW.

The aim is to offer excellent teaching that provides students with a theoretical foundation of knowledge and at the same time features a strong application focus.

This goal is achieved through both the use of innovative and certified teaching concepts and the transfer of current research results in the individual courses.

Knowledge transfer: Research for application

The institute focuses on application-oriented research. Research results are intended to offer demonstrable added value for companies, organisations and politics and are therefore prepared in an application-oriented manner.

The findings are disseminated to the institute’s stakeholders in the form of practical studies, lectures, workshops, coaching and courses. In addition, the researchers regularly publish articles in transfer journals (e.g. California Management Review, MIT Sloan Management Review) and relevant blogs.

Through various communication channels (events, press, social media), knowledge is made available to a wider audience.

Partner organisations

The Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy (IBES) sees itself as a hub for research, teaching and knowledge transfer in the fields of “Business Ethics,” “Strategy & Competitiveness,” “Corporate Governance” and “Sustainability Management”. Within the framework of various formats, IBES cooperates with various partners from academia and government, civil society, and industry.

IBES would like to take this opportunity to thank its strong partners for their long-term commitment.

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FH-Prof. Dr. Markus Scholz, MSc

FH-Prof. Dr. Markus Scholz, MSc

Head of Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy
Endowed Chair of Corporate Governance & Business Ethics
Head of Josef Ressel Center for Collective Action and Responsible Partnerships

Publications Ann-Christine Schulz Ann-Christine Schulz

Research Coordinator
Strategy Coordinator

Publications Daniela Ortiz Avram Daniela Ortiz Avram

Teaching Coordinator
PRME Coordinator
Senior Researcher

Publications Anne Maria Busch, MSc Anne Maria Busch, MSc

Endowed Professor for Microeconomics of Competitiveness
MOC Coordinator


DI Dr. Clemens Löffler

Senior Researcher

Maria Riegler, BSc MSc

Maria Riegler, BSc MSc

Research Associate

PhD Student

Katharina Jarmai Katharina Jarmai

Senior Researcher

Wolfgang Damoser

Wolfgang Damoser, BA BA MA

Research Associate


Daniel Maurer

Office Manager

Magdalena Chamandy

Office Manager