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Mission & Goals

The Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy (IBES) at FHWien der WKW is a leading national and internationally renowned research center in the fields of Business Ethics and Strategy. Urgent issues in ecologically, economically and socially sustainable corporate management are examined against the background of relevant topics such as globalisation, climate change and digitalisation.

A special focus is placed on the areas of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Management. With its work, the Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy contributes to a responsible and sustainable transformation of corporate practice.

IBES activities include researchteaching and knowledge transfer. The Institute pursues three concrete goals:

  1. contribute to international scientific discourse through excellent research projects and publications,
  2. training of students and future managers to become responsible members of society, and
  3. knowledge transfer through practical studies and the application-oriented processing of research results.
Institute for Business Ethics & Sustainable Strategy
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You can find the publications and presentations of our experts as well as the podcasts with researchers and guest speakers here.

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Team Daniela Ortiz Avram Mag.a Daniela Ortiz Avram

Head of Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy

Teaching Coordinator

PRME Coordinator

Katharina de Melo Katharina de Melo

Academic Expert
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability