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Endowed professor Cornelia Dlabaja in request as an expert

April 12, 2024

Cornelia Dlabaja has been an endowed professor for sustainable urban and tourism development since August 2023. The expertise of the sociologist, cultural scientist and tourism expert is in great demand, as her participation in numerous events in the first quarter of the year shows. We present a selection of these.

Cornelia Dlabaja bei der Runde der Regionen
© Roland Ferrigato
Panel Runde der Regionen
© Roland Ferrigato
Gruppenfoto Runde der Regionen
© Roland Ferrigato

Panel discussion “Vienna Markets: Hubs of Cultural Exchange”

At the end of February, the Austrian Society for Architecture organized an event on Viennese markets as urban hubs as part of its “Wiener Alltag” series. Cornelia Dlabaja kicked off the event with an input on the changing significance of Vienna’s markets as an image factor in urban competition. Based on her long-term research, she explained developments such as the gastronomization of the markets and the importance of migrant entrepreneurship for the preservation of Vienna’s markets, as well as the supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and food of all kinds to the Viennese population.

Fariba Mosleh from Brunnenpassage provided insights into the “European Pavilion” project at Vienna’s Brunnenpassage. Following on from this, the invited guests on the podium discussed the transformation and significance of Vienna’s markets for the city, as well as their contribution to prosperity. Plans that were implemented without a participatory approach and the political instrumentalization of Vienna’s markets were critically questioned and discussed.

Panel discussion with: Cornelia Dlabaja (Endowed Chair for Sustainable Urban and Tourism Development, FHWien der WKW), Sabine Gehmayr (stadtluft; Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung 19,21), Alexander Hengl (Marktamt) and Fariba Mosleh (cultural manager) Moderation: Michael Klein, Maik Novotny / ÖGFA

As a guest at the Lunch Lecture

Cornelia Dlabaja not only researches sustainable tourism and urban development at FHWien der WKW, but has also been working for many years on the topic of protest and social movements in the context of cities affected by overtourism, such as Venice, and urban development projects. In the course of this, she was invited to give a lunch lecture at the FAKTory. As part of the event, the publication she co-edited, “Protestformen: Resistance as Cultural Practice“, which emerged from the Paraflows festival of the same name, was presented and individual contributions discussed. Cornelia Dlabaja, Günther Freisinger, curator of the Paraflow Festival, Heike Lüken, HCU Hamburg and Annika Rauchberger, sociologist and social worker, discussed selected contributions from the anthology and current topics from the field of movement research on the podium. The discussion was moderated by Judith Fritz.

Expert at the Round Table of Regions

At the end of March, a discussion format of the “Runde der Regionen”, organized by RegionalMedien Austria, took place under the title “Ausverkauf der Heimat?“, which was moderated and conceived by Maria Jelenko-Benedikt. Martin Prunbauer, President of the Austrian House and Landowners Association, and Johannes Pressl, President of the Association of Municipalities, discussed with Cornelia Dlabaja.

During the evening questions of dealing with land and dedications, questions of participation, dealing with vacancies, as well as sustainable tourism development in places that are confronted with overtourism, such as Hallstatt, were discussed. Different positions were taken throughout, yet important topics were discussed very objectively, which will continue to occupy us in the coming years in the context of sustainable tourism and regional development.

The entire discussion can be read here and is also available as a video.

Member of the Mission Action Group “Adaption to Climate Change”

Cornelia Dlabaja is also part of the Mission Action Group “Adaptation to Climate Change”. The second workshop of the MAG CLIMATE committee took place in mid-March on the premises of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). The workshop series is dedicated to drawing up the action plan for the implementation of the EU mission “Adaptation to Climate Change” in Austria and will enable an intensive discussion of the options for action and impact paths. Another event will follow in May.


Endowed Professor Cornelia Dlabaja has more events and research collaborations on the agenda for the rest of the summer semester , as the expert in sustainable urban and tourism development is a sought-after guest and speaker.

The following scheduled dates are open to the public:

10.05.2024 – Walk in the course of 50 years of gentle urban renewal

Shaping urban transformation processes – from the Brunnenviertel to Thaliastrasse. From the 2000s onwards, the Brunnenviertel in Vienna’s Ottakring district increasingly became the focus of urban renewal. A large network of stakeholders developed strategies and measures.

Click here for registration.

22.05.2024 – Share your city! As part of the exhibition “Über Tourismus”

In addition to city breaks as an economic factor and contribution to international flair, conflicts are becoming increasingly apparent in many cities.

Almost every city is now easily accessible and stays are easy to plan and affordable thanks to short-term rental portals, among other things. This attracts travelers in large numbers and can unbalance urban infrastructures in the long term. Who benefits and who is harmed by tourism in the city and what are the foreseeable consequences of “too much tourism”? How can the masses be managed, how can housing and local supply be secured? A panel of international experts discusses the possibilities and limits of urban tourism.

With: Cornelia Dlabaja, WKW Endowed Chair of Sustainable Urban and Tourism Development, FHWien der WKW; Ana Gago, Architect, Geographer and Activist, Lisbon; Wolfgang Hassler, Economics, Labor and Statistics (MA 23), City of Vienna; Nobert Kettner, CEO Vienna Tourism Board; Kurt Luger, UNESCO Chair of Cultural Heritage & Tourism, University of Salzburg

Moderation: Karoline Mayer, Curator„Über Tourismus“, Az W

Click here to register.

02.07.2024 – Walking Café: Old town – new places

As part of the walking café, we will explore selected squares in the first district that are currently being redesigned, as well as those that are of central importance for the Viennese and the local neighborhood, as well as tourist hotspots. We will discuss questions of climate-friendly design of historic squares as well as the topic of density in the context of tourist uses. Cornelia Dlabaja gives insights into her current research on squares in the first district and invites actors of the inner city to talk about their work in the first district, such as the Agenda Innere Stadt, the MA19 for urban design, as well as the tourism division of the WKO.

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