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Employee Engagement: Start of a student project with Magenta

September 13, 2023

The 3rd semester started with a highlight: the practical project with the telecommunications provider Magenta. In mid-September, the Master’s students from the Organizational & Human Resources Development study program paid a visit to the headquarters in the 3rd district.

Lilian Teuffenbach, Head of People Development & Culture, and Heike Jegel, HR Expert at Magenta Telekom, briefed the students for their upcoming assignment: for one semester, they are to investigate the question of how employee engagement works. What offerings are really needed? How can employers best promote employee engagement? Generation Z in particular is to be scrutinized.

After the kick-off, six teams of 5-6 students each are now working on this topic. Our coaches Stefan Teufel and Brigitte Hampel are of course supporting the students and providing advice. At the final presentation at the end of January, a comprehensive analysis and a detailed implementation and communication plan for employee engagement will be presented.

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