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Communicating responsibility in times of crisis

November 24, 2022

Co-editor and Head of Department of Communication Sieglinde Martin presents prize-winning works from the PRVA’s Franz Bogner Science Award 2021.

Public relations is traditionally regarded as a key discipline when it comes to communicating responsibility in times of crisis. This is especially true when constructive ways of dealing with crises have to be found in exchange with the public. In light of the current crisis phase, however, research and practice are faced with challenges that can only be dealt with to a limited extent using the established toolbox of crisis communication.

The seven contributions address this issue from different perspectives – from framing analyses in times of corona and climate politics through diversity management and CEO communication to influencer relations. Together, however, they conclude that it certainly does no harm to consult a theory.

“As a co-editor from the very beginning, it always was a particular concern of mine to contribute to topicality and continuity in the “Organizational Communication Series” of Nomos Publishing. So the idea came about to enter into a cooperation with the Public Relations Association Austria (PRVA) and the Franz Bogner Science Prize. Every year or two, the best prize-winning works by young communications professionals from various university organizations are published here. In this way, we not only ensure that innovative topics are published, but also provide a platform for young people to gain visibility. Once again, I congratulate all the authors for their contribution and thank PRVA for the financial contribution and all the co-editors for the good cooperation as well.”

Sieglinde Martin
Head of Department of Communication der FHWien der WKW

Kommunikation von Verantwortung in krisenhaften Zeiten
(Organisational Communication, Vol. 6 | in german language)
Prize-winning papers from the PRVA’s Franz Bogner Science Award 2021.

With contributions by Nicole Adlbrecht, Jan Hofmann, Paul Kaufmann, Janine Klammer, Doris Obrecht, Moritz Rausch and Heike Schürr.

Edited by FH-Prof. Dr. Thomas Duschlbauer, M.A., FH-Prof. Dr. Johanna Grüblbauer, FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Sieglinde Martin and Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Winkler

Available at
2022, 123 p., paperback, 29,- €
ISBN 978-3-8487-7438-8