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Business Field Project with WEMOVE RUNNING STORE: Get your shoes and start running!

May 28, 2021

Getting young customers excited about running as a healthy leisure activity and bringing them into the running store was the goal of the students from the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication in the Business Field Project with WEMOVE RUNNING STORE.

Business Field Project of FHWien der WKW with WEMOVE RUNNING STORE
The students of the Bachelor's Program in Corporate Communication are excited about the Business Field Project with WEMOVE RUNNING STORE.
Feedback from the coaches at the end of the Business Field Project with WEMOVE RUNNINGE STORE
Feedback from the coaches Martina Zöbl and Manfred Gansterer at the end of the Business Field Project

WEMOVE RUNNING STORE is situated in the Vienna shopping center “Wien Mitte – The Mall” and well known among health-conscious middle-aged runners. Running should now also reach a younger target group of Generation Y & Z, but not as a pure sports activity, but also as a free and healthy hobby. Michael Wernbacher, owner and managing director of WEMOVE GmbH, therefore commissioned the part-time cohort of FHWien der WKW’s Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication in the summer semester of 2021 to create awareness campaigns for a young target group and, at the same time, to bring those interested in running into the store.

Instagram and TikTok reach Generation Y and Z

With a clear focus on social media, the students designed well thought-out text and image material as well as short videos, working in particular with the target group-relevant platforms Instagram and TikTok. Client Michael Wernbacher was overwhelmed by the teams’ varied ideas: “From my point of view, the outcome of the Business Field Project is really, really fantastic. For the future, we will use the best of all concepts for WEMOVE, as each of the concepts presented had at least one particularly outstanding measure to show.” As a thank you, the students were able to pick up their own pair of (running) shoes directly from the Vienna store.

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Business Field Projects as the best preparation for the job

Despite the unusual working conditions in the distance learning situation, the Bachelor’s students demonstrated their creativity, know-how and flexibility under practical circumstances. Coach and lecturer Manfred Gansterer explains: “The students benefit on several levels: in terms of content and process. It’s a realistic process.” Academic Coordinator and coach Martina Zöbl adds: “Our alumni confirm to me at all times: the Business Field Project was the module that prepared them most and best for the real job.”

The entrepreneurial spirit was also awakened among some students: one team has already founded their own agency to put the ideas for WEMOVE into practice. You can follow the developments with excitement too, e.g. on Facebook or Instagram!

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