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Bridging course facilitates entry into the Master’s programs

April 15, 2024

A modern e-learning course on research skills and methodologies will support students to start the Master’s programs at FHWien der WKW more easily.

Students at FHWien der WKW will have an easier start when studying a the Master’s program. Particularly in the field of research skills and methods they will soon be supported by a briding course that help them to catch up. Since April, the newly founded “MA23 City of Vienna Competence Team Master Propaedeutics – Bridging courses in research skills & methods” started their work on developing a moderated e-learning tool. The project pursues the following goals:

  • Enhanced Entry Competences: Elevating students’ skills in academic research up to the required standard
  • Methodological Support for Supervisors: Ensuring that research method courses in the Master programs can focus on deepening methodological skills
  • Media Pedagogical Resources: Development of learning resources

Usability is regularly reviewed with the help of modern technologies and continuous feedback based on learning analysis data. The project is scheduled by the end of March 2027. The team of experts is supported by applicant Michael Mair (Academic Teaching) and consists of Ilona Pezenka (Head), Larissa Neuburger and Melanie Dejnega (Teaching & Research Associates). They all are looking forward to mastering the challenges and will keep us up to date!

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