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Award for master’s thesis at the ECR Award 2023

November 21, 2023

The outstanding 2nd place at the ECR Award 2023 went to a master’s thesis in the Marketing & Sales Management degree program on the topic of brand relaunch in food retailing.

Every year, ECR Austria presents the ECR Academic Student Award to students who deal with ECR-relevant topics (Efficient Consumer Response) in their thesis. This year, our graduate of the Master’s program in Marketing & Sales Management Charlotte Zdasky submitted her Master’s thesis “Opportunities and risks of rebranding in food retailing – using the example of MERKUR to BILLA PLUS” and achieved an excellent 2nd place.

A closer look at brand consolidation

The alumna used a representative online survey to analyze the brand relaunch of the well-known retail chain, namely how the rebranding was evaluated by consumers and what opportunities and risks it presented. The results show that, for example, tapping into new target groups is a clear advantage, but that some consumers miss a clear positioning and therefore do not see the added value.

Congratulations from Arnold Christian Steinbrecher (supervisor), Cordula Cerha (lecturer) und  Marina Prem (Academic Expert & Lecturer) and FHWien der WKW!