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“Approaches and challenges of sustainable urban and tourism development”

February 1, 2024

Dr. Cornelia Dlabaja has been researching sustainable urban and tourism development at FHWien der WKW as an endowed chair since August 2023. In her inaugural lecture on February 22, 2024, she will present her thematic focus and research methods. It is the first professorship in Austria in the field of urban tourism.

Based on the challenges of sustainable tourism and urban development, the endowed chair addresses socially relevant issues for location development. It analyzes from multiple perspectives and provides findings for practice by means of applied and basic research and accompanies the process of the visitor economy strategy from conception to implementation.

Tourism is of great importance for Vienna. This is why the City of Vienna is doing pioneering work with its Visitor Economy Strategy. The city is thus committed to the sustainable development of city tourism in ecological, economic and social terms. As a proven expert in urban sociology, Cornelia Dlabaja takes the needs of visitors and residents equally into account with her approach to urban habitat research. This is in line with a contemporary understanding of destination management and is an important sign of the relevance of tourism for Vienna.

The research findings will not only benefit the local tourism industry as well as decision-makers in business and politics, but also the students of FHWien der WKW.

On this page you can find all details and the registration for the inaugural lecture on February 22, 2024.