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Applications from the perspective of Generation Z – practical project on “Next Generation Recruiting” successfully completed

June 18, 2022

What do Generation Z people notice positively and negatively in the application process? Which social media platforms do they use to search for information? What information in job advertisements is particularly important to them? As part of this year’s HR practical project, students presented the most important research results to project initiator Sebastian Prax and other representatives of hokify, the mobile job platform.

Abschlusstreffen mit VertreterInnen von hokify
Final meeting with representatives from hokify
Abschlusspräsentation mit VertreterInnen von hokify
Final presentation with representatives from hokify

In the course of the HR Practice Project class, our students from the full-time cohort of the Bachelor’s program in Human Resources Management were given the task of conducting a study on the application behavior of Generation Z during their first job search for our cooperation partner hokify, the mobile job platform. From mid-February 2022 to mid-June 2022, the task was to systematically analyze the procedure for applying for their own compulsory internship in HR and to evaluate it according to predefined areas. The focus was placed on the first three phases of attraction, information and application of the 6-phase model of the Candidate Journey according to Verhoeven.

At the final presentation to the company representatives of hokify, our students presented selected results from the project in a professional and descriptive manner. The interest on the part of hokify was great. This was followed by a lively exchange on the results presented with some further descriptions of situations experienced in the course of the application process.

The survey showed that Generation Z applicants attach great importance to quick feedback by telephone. It is also very important to them to have a personal and friendly contact person in the application process who can be reached if they have any questions. The course of the entire process should be clear right from the start. Missing information in the job advertisement is noticed negatively. On the other hand, they would like to have concrete information on working hours, compensation and tasks. The most frequently used social media platforms for searching for information are Instagram and LinkedIn.

“The Next Generation Recruiting practice project, in which hokify had the privilege of being a project partner, particularly stood out due to its professional execution and exciting data-based results. Congratulations to the students! The job market is currently in the midst of change. It is time to question outdated processes in recruiting and adapt them to the needs of young people. The practical project Next Generation Recruiting shows problem areas that especially young people are concerned with and at the same time shows first approaches to solutions.”, was the conclusion of Sebastian Prax, Communications & PR Manager, Team Lead Blog & User Review at hokify. We would like to thank him very much for the cooperation on this exciting project!