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Admissions Procedure for Bachelor’s Programs

Content Production & Digital Media Management

Have you fulfilled the admissions requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at FHWien der WKW? Then nothing is standing in your way to applying. The following application steps are waiting for you:

  1. As of January 9, 2024, you can apply for the study programs at FHWien der WKW starting in fall 2024. The application deadline is March 25, 2024. For applicants with final documents from a third country, the application period ends on March 4, 2024.

  2. After registering in our online application tool, you will receive your personal login data by e-mail. You can use this data to access the application tool and complete your application.

    You can find instructions for the application tool here.

  3. You can upload all the documents required for your application directly in the application tool. You can find out which documents you need in the checklist for Bachelor’s students. Please have these documents ready before you start the application process.

    Applicants with a foreign degree must have their documents translated into German or English by a court certified translator. Please respect the relevant rules of certification for your country. Determining the equivalence of certificates/degrees from foreign countries can take up to three weeks. For this reason we recommend that you upload the relevant documentation in a timely manner. We will inform you if supplementary examinations are required. You take these preparation courses and examinations at our cooperation partner fit4fh in addition to the standard admissions procedure and before starting the degree program.

  4. The computer-based admissions test will take place online. Therefore, you do not need to come to FHWien der WKW.

    The computer-based test assesses general cognitive skills (logical-deductive, verbal and numerical reasoning) as well as knowledge of the English language.

    Please choose a date that suits you (test dates are offered on a first come – first served basis). For organizational reasons it is not possible to change the date of your test.

    We see ourselves as the leading university of applied sciences for management & communication. Therefore, you can expect a particularly challenging admissions procedure.

    Since we want to know what potential you have, the computer-based test contains a number of very tricky tasks that are not easy to answer. Please do not be discouraged by this! This will give us a more accurate picture of your potential and talents.

    Seize the opportunity to show us and yourself what you can do!

    >> Click here to get all important information about the computer-based admissions test.

  5. Degree-program specific admissions procedure

    After the evaluation of the computer-based admissions test, the best applicants are invited to the Assessment Center of the Journalism & Media Management Study Programs at FHWien der WKW. The Assessment Center consists of three parts:

    1. You create a motivational video in advance and upload it for evaluation,
    2. You write a commentary on one of three current topics
    3. and undergo a hearing (personal group interview with journalists/media experts and representatives of the Journalism & Media Management Study Programs).

    More detailed information on the individual steps can be found below and will be sent to you as well in time with the confirmation that you can participate in the degree-program specific admissions procedure by e-mail.

Application Video

The application video serves as a personal introduction and should reflect your motivation. The video can be created in advance at any time and will be uploaded online for evaluation. You will receive details about this in good time by e-mail.

Tip: Think about how you want to design the video early on – once you have been accepted for the degree-program specific admissions procedure, you only have a few days left to submit the video.

Design notes for the application video:

Task definition

Create a personal application video and explain your motivation. Present yourself and provide information on:

  • Who you are.
  • Why you are interested in journalism/media.
  • Why you would like to study at the Journalism & Media Management study programs at FHWien der WKW.
  • Why we should accept you in particular.
  • What career aspirations you have.

Hint: “On-site comment”

  • You should be easily recognizable.
  • The sound should be understandable.
  • Speak directly into the camera.
  • Creativity is allowed – we do not assume that you have already mastered editing or similar.

Technical requirements

  • Length: 45 – 75 seconds
  • Recording made with mobile phone or video camera (Attention: sound quality and landscape format!)
  • The format and resolution can be freely chosen, as long as the video can be played on VLC (freely available on

Please note: Videos that are longer or a lot shorter than the time specified above or which do not talk about the applicant’s motivation (see topic requirements) will be graded with 0 points. The same is valid for videos where a lack of image or sound quality makes assessment impossible.


You write a commentary on one of three daily topics that you receive at your appointment.

Which of the three you choose is up to you. You will have about one and a half hours to complete the assignment. The task will be carried out computer-aided without access to research facilities (Internet, etc.).


A personal group interview will be held in small groups with journalists or media experts as well as representatives of the Journalism & Media Management Study Programs. During the hearing, we would like to get a personal picture of you, learn about your motivation and points of view, and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

The hearing takes about one hour and takes place on the same day after the commentary – in order to give all applicants sufficient time in the interview, there may be waiting times for organizational reasons.