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TM on Tour – the international mega event “New Year’s Concert”

January 14, 2019

Our first TM on tour 2019 took us behind the scenes of the Wiener Musikverein – famous for its Golden Hall and the annual New Year’s Concert, but also known as a cultural institution for a further 830 concerts every year.

The exclusive visit gave 25 students from our Bachelor’s degree program in „Tourism Management“ insight into the specific challenges of managing one of the most famous concert halls in the world. 

Magdalene Menheere, the person in charge of tourism at the Wiener Musikverein left a lasting impression on the students. She discussed marketing and sales operations, the needs of different target groups and the organization of concerts and events such as the Philharmonic Ball with the students in an exciting way.
We now also know and understand the reasons for a ban on photography in the Musikverein.
Therefore, we are using an official picture of the Musikverein and are grateful for the impressive tour!