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The role of HR in transformation

March 17, 2021

Exciting continuation of our guest lecture series in the course HR Management and Law. MMag. Jörg Bachl talks about his experiences in accompanying and shaping change processes with a focus on downsizing.

HRO-Gastvortrag mit
Guest lecture with Jörg Bachl

Accompanying a staff reduction is one of the most difficult tasks for HR managers, both in terms of labor law and certainly emotionally. In a successful lecture, our Bachelor’s students from the 6th semester in Human Resources Management were able to follow the explanations of MMag. Jörg Bachl, HR Manager at kika/Leiner and ask their questions.

Following the guiding principle “theory meets practice”, the guest lecture consisted of a good mixture of information on labor law and insights into practical procedures around operational changes and different transformation processes. Recommendations on what to look out for in negotiations with the works council and what is important in communicating with employees were also given and supplemented and discussed by the participants’ experiences.

After a theoretical introduction to the most important points of the early warning system and the social plan, our students were allowed to consider their own suggestions for the content of a social plan in small groups and present them in the plenum via Zoom.

Many thanks to MMag. Jörg Bachl for the informative and exciting insights and tips!

Mag.a Brigitte Hampel
Academic Coordinator Human Resources Management