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Strong support for the Austrian National Union of Students in 2021 election

January 18, 2021

FHWien der WKW’s students from the part-time Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication developed high-impact communication concepts for the upcoming election campaign in the business field project with the Austrian National Union of Students.

Every two years, Austria’s students have the opportunity to elect their direct representatives in politics: When students all over Austria are called on to cast their votes in the election of Österreichische Hochschüler_innenschaft (“ÖH”, Austrian National Union of Students) in May 2021, FHWien der WKW’s students will not only be involved in voting this time.

From the target group for the target group

As part of a business field project, the students of the part-time Bachelor’s degree program in Corporate Communication (3rd semester) have supported the Austrian National Union of Students for the upcoming election campaign by developing creative communication concepts to increase voter participation. A tricky and complex assignment, which the class approached professionally with diligence, motivation and a dose of humor.

In the year heavily influenced by COVID-19, the students faced additional challenges. At the beginning of the 2020 winter semester, they switched initially to hybrid and later entirely to distance learning. From analysis to strategy, message and measures to budgeting, the students played through all eventualities in six teams to create particularly effective approaches. They did this without face-to-face contact and mainly through digital collaboration.

Professional online pitches and the opportunity to work on implementation

From online campaigns to innovative channels of communication to a useful election kit, all teams presented their ideas in different exciting concepts, this year in a purely virtual setting. In a good mood and full of energy, the students convinced ÖH chairwoman Sabine Hanger and her team:

“We are happy about the new ideas, the fresh wind has provided us with a different perspective and valuable approaches. We especially liked the variety of possibilities presented and the hands-on mentality of the students.”

The selected winning team will be given the opportunity to work on implementing their own campaign idea.

The students have summarized their impressions of the business field project in this video (in German). Enjoy watching!

>> Watch the video

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