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Strategic Leadership in the Master’s program in Marketing & Sales Management

March 28, 2022

Future marketing and sales managers need a broad strategic education. In the Master’s program in Marketing & Sales Management, the focus is therefore on strategy development as well as planning and controlling with suitable digital tools.

The Master’s program in Marketing & Sales Management at FHWien der WKW focuses on strategic tasks. It is aimed at experts who are planning their next step on the career ladder. Therefore, the study program’s content deals with three core issues:

  • How can markets and consumer needs be analyzed?
  • How can marketing and sales strategies be designed accordingly?
  • As a marketing or sales manager, how can you manage your marketing or sales department?

This is done from the perspective of strategic leadership: In the course of their studies, Master’s students acquire the skills to develop a strategic vision for the company and to convince stakeholders, in particular their own employees, of this vision by motivating them in such a way that they also pursue the goals. In addition to deepening expertise in marketing and sales, special attention is therefore paid to innovation management, digital tools and human resources management.

Successfully managing innovations for marketing and sales

In the modules “B2C & B2B Strategies” and “Service Strategies” in marketing and sales, future managers are given the tools to develop and implement strategies for different business areas through impulse lectures by various lecturers from the field. If the aim is to develop new products or business areas, the module “Innovation & Financial Management” offers the business know-how to drive innovations forward, draw up business plans and secure financing.

Digital tools for optimal process control

Special lectures prepare students for the use of various digital tools to support marketing and sales processes. The modules “Data Mining” and “Customer Relationship Management” focus on the use of digital tools for customer data analysis. In order to optimally control marketing and sales activities, the module “Performance Measurement in Marketing & Sales” focuses on digital tools for controlling. In addition, FHWien der WKW offers students a special kind of analysis method: Using the Web Analytics Lab, they can conduct attention, acceptance and preference studies with the help of emotion measurement and eye-tracking analysis.

Coupled with expertise from special lectures on leadership skills (>> read article here) and personnel management, graduates are perfectly equipped for their future position with leadership responsibility.


Climb the career ladder! Prospective students can still apply for a study place by April 4, 2022. All information and the complete overview of the study program can be found here:

>> Master’ program Marketing- & Salesmanagement