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Ready to start your own Gastronomy business – even in challenging times?

February 17, 2022

7th Gastronomy Founders’ Day of FHWien der WKW discusses the challenges on the way to self-employment in gastronomy.

Event-Plattform des Gastro-Gründertags
Event Platform of the Gastronomy Founders' Day
Trendmarkt 1 am Gastro-Gründertag
Trend Market 1
Trendmarkt 2 am Gastro-Gründertag
Trend Market 2
GründerInnen-Talk am Gastro-Gründertag
Founders' Talk

The aim of 7th Gastronomy Founders’ Day of FHWien der WKW was to spark the desire for the own restaurant on the one hand and to keep an eye on current challenges on the other hand. Klaus Buttenhauser (Koch.Campus and Tischgesellschaft) emphasized in his keynote the numerous challenges gastronomic businesses are facing currently. At the same time he highlighted that gastronomy is still one of the most exciting and varied sectors, with many surprising and appealing sides.

Afterwards students presented a digital trend market and discussed current topics, gastronomic trends and innovations such as “Raw Veganism”, “Experiential Gastronomy” or “Meet Food”.

Finally, the founders Sebastian Kleemann from “Melker Stiftskeller” and Karl Weixelbaumer from “Good Karma Gastro” talked about their experiences with self-employment and gave an insight into the do’s and don’ts when founding your own gastronomy business. Many interesting questions were discussed, from the ideal location and the best way to fund your business to the planning of the opening phase.

We would like to thank everyone, who was part of this event and look forward to welcome you again on the 8th Gastronomy Founders Day 2023.

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