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Sales Teaching: Biometric Coaching in Sales Negotiations

June 28, 2019

Marina Prem, Academic Coordinator for Sales & CRM, presented the use of emotion measurements using the Web Analytics Lab and related coaching in her sales teaching at the 13th GSSI Conference in Panama in June.

Professional sales negotiations are an important element of successful customer management. Students from the Bachelor’s program in Marketing & Sales therefore have the opportunity to simulate sales conversations as part of a course and to gain deeper insights into the process of the conversation and the associated emotions by collecting biometric data. Using an innovative technology, a sales negotiation can be scientifically recorded and analyzed. Feedback takes place in several stages – first via a standardized online survey of the customer, then through verbal peer feedback in the plenum, followed by focused written feedback and coaching by the lecturers. According to Marina, the goal is to achieve sales excellence in sales negotiations. Technological methods of analysis are paired with a sophisticated feedback model and thus guarantee a competence-oriented application of specialist knowledge in sales.

The feedback of the conference participants from 15 different nations confirms: “Biometric Coaching in Sales Negotiations” is internationally regarded as an innovative didactic teaching method.