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Researching the image of Singapore with the drawing technique

December 19, 2022

Xavier Matteucci from the Tourism & Hospitality Management Study programs published a new scientific article that presents the use of an arts-based method to research the image of Singapore.

In his recent article, Xavier Matteucci, Academic Expert & Lecturer at FHWien der WKW, and his co-author underscore the need to embrace unstructured approaches to explore holistically the way in which people conceive places. Yet, Matteucci remarks that few attempts have drawn from an arts-based method such as the drawing technique. Their paper, therefore, presents the way drawings were used to explore Austrian past visitors’ and non-visitors’ images of Singapore.

Content analysis of rich and idiosyncratic drawings revealed clear images differences between past visitors and non-visitors. Past visitors could better identify and represent features of Singapore’s tangible and intangible heritage than non-visitors. Overall, Singapore is conceived as a modern, urbanized and disciplined destination that primarily offers conspicuous consumptive experiences. The value of the drawing technique to identify a destination’s attributes and to bring out participants’ subjectivities is highlighted.