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‘New’ Work after Corona? Practical project / research project in the Bachelor’s program in Human Resources Management

February 23, 2021

How will the world of work change after COVID-19? The full-time students from the Bachelor’s program in Human Resources Management (4th semester) pursue this exciting question as part of a practical or research project.

Praxis-/Forschungsprojekt des Studienbereichs Human Resources & Organization zum Thema "Neue Arbeitswelten nach der Corona-Pandemie"
First brainstorming about 'New Work'

“There is no going back” (lecture Heike Bruch, 2020). There is broad agreement among New Work experts that the corona pandemic represents a decisive trend reversal towards the “new world of work”. Organizations will no longer be able to go back to normal. But where does this path lead us?

The full-time Bachelor’s program students work on this interesting question in the 4th semester. New working environments are much more than the much-cited flexibilization of work in the form of remote working and mobile working. In addition, other dimensions, such as digitization, diversity, new management concepts, organizational culture and agility will play an important role in the future world of work.

In the course of the semester, we will work on the challenges companies and executives face, when it comes to new working environments as part of a research project. For this purpose, the students will work out the entire research process themselves, define research questions, create a quantitative questionnaire and send it to company representatives and managers. The evaluation takes place together with the statistics course in order to bring statistics to the students as application-oriented as possible and to achieve the best possible learning result for both courses.

Gerald Käfer-Schmid and Gloria Warmuth from the Human Resources & Organization department supervise the class mainly in an online setting.

Contact: Gloria Warmuth, MSc
Academic Coordinator Organizational Development

MMag. Gerald Käfer-Schmid, MSc
Department Management